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04 March 2020 | Career Advice | Guest Author

The financial sector has a range of rewarding and well-paid opportunities for new graduates who want to start their professional careers. You’re sure to find a career that suits you, as the field deals with; insurance, financial advice, tax planning accountancy, wealth management, pensions and commercial banking. But if you’re still a little unsure whether finance is the right path for you – here are five reasons that may help sway you. 

1. You’ll be working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment

Finance is an innovative and technologically advanced sector that continually shifts and adapts according to new rules, legislation and other circumstances. This means that the working environment is exciting and subject to constant change.

If you love to be kept on your toes, you’re highly adaptable and you thrive under pressure  -this sector could be a great match for your personality. You’ll also need to be confident in your own abilities to perform well and ready to take on any challenge as it may arise as you’re dealing with a matter close to many people’s hearts.

2. You will help make a difference in the world

Most graduates want to find a role that makes a difference in the world and changes lives. This is another area in which the financial sector certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Whether you’re working with businesses or individuals, you will be building relationships with your customers and helping to solve their important queries or problems. This will make a real difference to their lives and feel extremely rewarding.

[...] it is our clients that truly make us what we are today,” say award-winning international financial advisors The Fry Group.For many we are proud to have provided long-term financial support throughout lifetimes and beyond, and are heartened to see families - throughout the generations - put their trust in us.”

3. There’s a wide range of job opportunities available

Many graduates don’t realise that there is a huge range of different career paths available in the financial sector. This includes roles such as:

  • Broking and Trading: FX, investment, insurance, mortgage, real estate, stock, commodities
  • Accounting, Finance Assistant and Bookkeeping
  • Investment and Wealth Management: Analyst, research, client services
  • Finance Operations / Business Support
  • Finance Project Manager
  • Copywriter / Marketing
  • Finance Graduate Schemes

Surprisingly, you don’t have to hold a degree in a finance-related field such as finance, economics, accounting or maths to enter the sector and kick-start your career. Provided you can show that you have excellent numerical and analytical skills, you are likely to find an opportunity that suits your skills, personality and ideal working environment.

Any transferable skills you gained in your university studies will be highly valued by your employer and you can develop your financial skills to suit the role with additional training.

4. You could get onto a graduate scheme

Finance is well known for offering a range of graduate training schemes that give you a well-paid and extremely rewarding job after you graduate from university.

When required, you’ll usually gain access to valuable extra training which will boost your CV and can be used throughout your career. This is often paid for by your employer. Many employers also provide graduates with an exciting opportunity to work abroad if they wish.

These schemes are a great way to kick-start your career, find your feet in the industry and start climbing your way up the corporate ladder.

5. There are numerous opportunities for career progression

If you’re an ambitious type and want to improve your CV, expand your earning potential and further your career, a career in finance could be the perfect match.

As the sector focuses on skills and performance as opposed to age, you’ll move up the ranks more quickly and start fulfilling your potential.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to study and learn more, gain more responsibilities and continually improve your CV and your employability. You’re unlikely to feel stuck when you work in finance. 


-Ella Hendrix

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