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09 November 2016 | Career Advice | Guest Author

For loads of students, graduates or part time workers, Christmas temporary work is a huge part of the advent calendar. Companies large and small, in hospitality and retail especially, take on a workforce of little helpers to cope with the huge increase in sales, promotions and events every year. And while temporary Christmas work is a great way to get some extra stocking filler money, there’s lots of other potential career benefits too.

What’s on your Christmas graduate career list? Temporary work this festive season could be the perfect way to get started.

Michael Wisher, a leading UK supplier of temporary staff explains.

Last Christmas you gave me a job...

If you’re looking for a career move after graduation or just ongoing work in the new year, Christmas temporary work could be the perfect way to get your foot in the door. For example, if you’re looking to work in marketing, a job in retail is a great start, especially over Christmas. You’ll experience sales, shop floor displays and traditional marketing techniques during the busiest season of the year, which gives you a great insight into the industry.

Maybe you’re not looking for a career move and just need more work after Christmas? Work hard and stay positive during the busy season and you might find the company offers you more work in the new year. Lots of companies takes on Christmas temps beyond the festive season.

All I want for Christmas is... experience!

If you’re working in between terms during university or working contract jobs while looking for something more permanent, temping over Christmas can only look great on your CV. Taking on temporary work over the season shows you have a good work ethic, you thrive in a busy working environment and you enjoy a challenge. Let’s not forget, temporary work during the holiday season will also help plug any gaps in your CV that have appeared in between contracts or part time jobs.

You’ll also gain valuable experience depending on the nature of your temp job. You could add cash handling, customer service, retail, sales, hospitality and events to your ever-expanding skill set.

A fairytale of new work?

Taking on temporary work this Christmas will open you up to new experiences, help you make connections and have fun too! Organisations will typically take on a whole new team, so you’ll be working with likeminded people, from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and future connections, which can always come in handy. Plus, you will be working in a busy, festive and fun environment!

Other factors to tick off your Christmas list...

  • New references – Work hard, impress and you might just get a great reference
  • Cash – Don’t be a scrooge, get some extra Christmas cash in your pocket
  • Discounts – Yes! If you’re working this Christmas, even as a temp, you could get staff discounts


Michael is founder and director of Michael Wisher Associates, a leading provider of hospitality staff and personnel to high profile events in the UK and internationally. You can find out more about temporary opportunities this Christmas by visiting their website.

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