Why is Linkedin the #1 Social Network Among Recruiters?

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01 March 2017 | Career Advice | Guest Author

Recruiters are now using innovative ways to hire best candidates and social network is the key to finding top talent faster, smarter and cheaper. Employers prefer to check the online profile of an applicant prior to hiring, in order to gain abundance information about them. All the networks are a great source to attract the attention of candidates, but Linkedin is the first and foremost choice of head hunters. A study reveals that 94% recruiters use social media to found applicants and 89% of all them report having hired employees using Linkedin. There are distinct elements due to which Linkedin is popular social network among employers.

1. Professional Network

Linkedin has a worldwide network with more than 450 million professional users and it is continuously growing at a rapid rate, signing up 2 users per second. There are 1 in 3 professional on the planet are Linkedin users. So, when it comes to marketing yourself or your company, Linkedin has a leg up.

2. Profiles are more authentic and accurate

Linkedin is using a back-end infrastructure to emphasis on endorsement accuracy in order to validate profiles. Thus, the Linkedin profiles are more trustworthiness to check candidate’s background, experience and skills and Linkedin periodically encourage candidates to keep updating their profiles.

3. Advanced feature for people searching

Linkedin is a great platform to grow your network, build new relationships and finding applicants. It is used to keep in touch with co-workers and friends by top professionals in more than 200 countries because it is easy to search connections, current and previous companies, job title, education.

4. Linkedin makes it easy to write and apply for job adds

The chief benefit of Linkedin is that it help to uncover potential job opportunities and the best way to find top talent. The 75 out of Fortune 100 companies use Linkedin as its corporate hiring solution because it is easy to post and distribute current job openings using this social network. Moreover, individuals can directly apply for a job using “Apply with Linkedin” button.

5. It has more than 2 million groups

Apart from recruiting tool, Linkedin offers many professional learning and social groups around the world to connect and start conversations. To foster discussions or to spread your message, join groups related to your industry or business. Linkedin has three times better group conversation rate as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

6. It facilitates direct messaging

Linkedin provides the facility of direct messaging to connections and members that share a group with you. Linkedin has its own InMail tool for communication that results in fast and high response rate. In addition to direct messaging, it is also a referral-friendly network that is beneficial for employers to find referrals.

7. Its more friendly for following companies

Linkedin is a business oriented social network that is a great place to follow your interesting companies to explore opportunities. It is easy to check detailed statistical information on company’s business page and find professionals with the skill you need.

8. Additional features of Linkedin

Linkedin provides facility to set up a business account to check annual growth rate, distribution rate and how employees change in the company. It is integrated with SlideShare and other sites to view work of prospect applicant. Furthermore, Linkedin adds allow to target individuals based on specific professional criteria and its answer tool helpful to measure skills of a candidate.

Source: http://nspirerecruitment.com.au/


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