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17 August 2017 | Career Advice | Guest Author

Communication is a paramount component of human relations. Understanding what the other person wants or needs through mutual language is important. Globalisation has in the recent past been very dominant to the point where you can almost work anywhere in the world, and has had a huge rise in multinational corporations. Expansion of these businesses to different parts of the world has been enhanced by the use of English as the de facto language of business. It has come in handy in ensuring that there is proper understanding within the business world. The cohesiveness brought by the use of the English language, as the language of business, has been remarkable, to be understated.

Efficiency in business transactions 

Adoption of English as the universal business language by the foreign companies has proved very effective in accessing the global trade and commerce. You will require fluent English and credible skills in English to ensure efficiency in business transactions. You are required to communicate with other business people through emails and reading through contracts, most of which will be written in English, you have to be fluent in English to be able to understand what the contract says, failure to which you will miss out in conceptualising very pertinent clauses of the contract that will affect you as a business owner.

Bridging cultural differences

Penetration of international market could not be possible without the use of fluent English or another language when working abroad. In order to effectively bridge this gap of cultural disparity, you must make yourself completely understandable in English. Cultural differences have been effectively bridged in the business world, as there is a common ground or language. It has become an effective tool that has very much helped deal with political differences in the volatile parts of the world. The use of fluent English will allow you to have collective understanding between business people, such that they will be able to solve their particular differences.

Communicating your point faster

Do you have or planning to have a business that you would like to expand to the international market? Then you have to learn good English concepts to be able to communicate your point faster. English language has been categorised as the default mode of communication in the current business world. The importance of the language has been invaluable to the business world. Fluent English has been the focal point in penetrating through the international local markets. For example, the multinational companies such as General Motors have effectively penetrated the African market due to the use of English.

Convince people with your fluency

Do you require entering the online market and selling your products through the online platform? Then first, you have to have fluent English to succeed in this area. You will need to make people understand you clearly by ensuring that you use English in delivering your point of view.

The current digital age has seen a lot of transactions being undertaken online through the Internet. There is a massive following of the Internet. It has been a component of the current trading system and modes of doing business. The use of fluent English has been the main component in the use of the Internet. There is a huge number of Internet users in the world. These users have been able to interact effectively due to the use of English as the main kind of communication.

Online business has been effectively conducted by the use of English. Take an example of an online market such as eBay; it has enabled the selling of products throughout the world. How this has been possible is mainly due to the use of English as the main mode of communication. It is a form of global culture where the new market, the Internet, has a great deal of people using it. Many companies have to reach out to this huge number of users through the use of Internet advertisements. How they have communicated and reached out in these advertisements has been through the use of English. It simply shows just how much fluent English is imperative to the business world.

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