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27 January 2017 | Career Advice | Guest Author

Working is something most of us will do for a large part of our lives, so why not enjoy it? While most people spend a good deal of their lives working, too many of us work in jobs and industries we don’t enjoy and feel little satisfaction in. The old cliché that life gets in the way is so often true though. With bills to pay and other real-life commitments to consider, leaving a job that’s secure to pursue a new career is a daunting prospect.

Luckily, there are more options now than ever before to help you chase your dream job. When it comes to training, most colleges offer part-time courses in work-related and professional subjects. So, if you’re looking to turn a hobby into a career or learn valuable new skills, there has never been a better time to take that step towards changing your life.

Central College Nottingham, a leading education provider, looks at just some of the options available to you today…

Living in a digital world

The digital and creative industries are growing every year. The UK creative industry contributed £84.1 billion to the overall economy in 2014, while 9% of total jobs in the UK are in the creative industry. The good news is that you can be a part of it too by studying vocational courses in graphic design, TV and film production and music technology.

If you’ve always had ambitions to produce music, design websites or be a professional photographer then what are you waiting for? Maybe you’re a passionate gamer? Well why not turn your hobby into a career and take a course in games development and technology. Many colleges have fully equipped and professional-standard studios too, so you can get a real taste of your dream job.

There are countless routes into the creative industry, so now is the time to become a part of it.

Don’t let the designer dream die

If you’ve always loved fashion, designing the look and feel of your home or painting beautiful landscapes, there’s an art and design course for you. Enhance your skills with more advanced courses in fashion and textiles, which allow you to learn and then specialise in a specific area. Fancy yourself in film? Study a course in design and media production, which looks at costume and set design or even look at the relationship between photography and film.

Communication opens doors

Hands up if you wish you’d stuck with learning a foreign language after school? Well, it’s never too late! If you have ambitions for a job in tourism, working abroad or just want to see more of the world while you work, then learning or enhancing your foreign language skills is a great start, oui? There are beginner and advanced courses, that cover a choice of languages from Europe and further afield, that are starting at a college near you this year.

Common misconceptions vs reality

While there are so many courses and exciting avenues available, making a change and pursuing your dream job can be scary. Part-time courses are designed to work around you and there is other support available to make your dream a reality…

It’s too late now…

In short, no it’s not and it’s never too late. You’d be surprised by how many transferable skills you already have or will gain to take forward to your new career too. Plus, if you’re passionate about something, the chances are you will be good at it!

I haven’t got the time…

We know it’s tricky, that’s why there are so many part-time courses available at colleges. Part-time courses are designed to work around you and many are available in the morning, afternoon or evening leaving plenty of time for other commitments.

I can’t afford it…

Again, we know it’s tough out there. That’s why studying a part-time course allows you to continue working your “day job” if you choose to. Some courses are funded for people in receipt of certain benefits, and there are also finance options available for some courses at Level 3 and above, similar to university student loans. College websites will detail any funding that is available or signpost you to the right organisations. Don’t forget, you might want to stay in your current company but transfer to a new job or go for a promotion, so your employer might help with your course fees too.

Getting your dream job shouldn’t be a nightmare!

While switching careers or pursuing a new role can be hard work, part-time courses and apprenticeships are there to help you gain qualifications, build confidence and still allow you to live your life in the meantime.

For more information on part-time courses, contact your local college or university.

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