What are your rights as an employee?

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28 February 2020 | Career Advice | Guest Author

Being an employee of an organization does not mean that you don’t have rights. Employees have responsibilities for which they come and work; organizations should treat their employees as part of the team and should maintain a good bond with employees. It is essential for employees working in an organization to be aware of their rights.

Every employee deserves respect and dignity within the organization. Employee rights, therefore, play a major part in protecting the employees within the workplace. Below is a list of crucial rights that every employee should be aware of.

  1. RIGHT TO EQUAL PAY: All the employees working in the same position should have equal pay. Organizations must be fair and honest, but if an organization is not, employees have the right to ask for equal pay. According to labor laws, no organization has the right to discriminate with regards to gender, colour, race, and nationality. Therefore, equitable pay is the right of every employee working within an organization.
  2. RIGHT TO WORKPLACE SAFETY: An organization must ensure that all employees have a safe workplace to work in. It is essential that the employees have a risk-free environment where they carry out their daily tasks. If you work in an organization and are injured whilst performing your job, you are eligible for compensation. If you are seriously injured and have to take an elongated period of leave from your job, it is the responsibility of your organization to ensure your job is still available to you when you return.
  3. RIGHT AGAINST DISCRIMINATION: Employers do not have the right to discriminate employees regarding their age, background, color, gender, disability. If any employee feels that the employer discriminates against him/her regarding any of the above factors, employees can take the issue to a tribunal.
  4. RIGHT TO TAKE TIME OFF FOR FAMILY AND MEDICAL REASONS: Be it taking for attending your sick child or to find treatment for a disease that may be affecting you, taking time off is within your rights. Bereavement or compassionate leave is also something that should be a part of any organization’s leave or vacation policy.
  5. RIGHT AGAINST PREGNANCY DISCRIMINATION: If an employee is pregnant, an organization can not restrict her from her duties. The organization also does not have the right to give the employee a lower job position post-pregnancy leave. If an employee comes back after her maternity leave, the organization has to give her the same job position, and if the organization does not do so, the employee can raise this issue in front of Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS).

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