Virtual 'degree show' launched by DeMontfort University students

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18 June 2020 | GradJobs News | Laura Gallagher

In light of the unfortunate yet understandable circumstances that traditional degree shows won’t take place this summer, final year Graphic Design and Illustration students at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) have created their very own ‘virtual degree show’ for peers, family and industry professionals to attend.

A dedicated website will be launched to recognise, share and reward the work of students interactively, in the absence of physical shows which are postponed until further notice.

Five students complete the virtual steering committee at DMU, alongside the university’s graphic design teaching team.

Not only is this an opportunity to celebrate their incredible hard work, but the innovative project will also help students as they enter the world of recruitment and present themselves to prospective employers - a process that is somewhat daunting ordinarily for graduates, let alone in the current climate.

Receiving first-hand digital support from mentor Andy Leitch, director of Leicester-based agency Cite and part-time tutor at the university, students were able to create and adapt their online showroom in a way that could capture the eye of prospective employers.

Titled ‘Show Your Face 2020’, the interactive and innovative website will go live at the beginning of July, featuring a total of 100 final year students’ work, complete with a short bio explaining their submission.

Final stages of the website launch are being kept top secret to surprise students for the main event but they can expect to be invited to an online pre-launch event. They’ll also receive awards from the wider Leicester network including prospective employers and of course, interact with academics from the university itself.

Working in partnership with DMU, Andy explains, “What a fantastic way for students to celebrate each other and their incredible achievements over the course of their university years. This is history in the making and to be part of such a talented team of ambitious students, is a privilege.”

Katie Pearce, one of the Graphic Design (Illustration) students on the virtual degree show steering committee said: “It’s important that the class of 2020 feels celebrated and knows it hasn’t been forgotten. Normally, final-years get to show their work in front of friends, family and industry professionals at a dedicated event on campus and we didn’t want to miss out on that because of coronavirus this summer. The digital show we’ve created instead, is a reflection of the community spirit of the course and the hard work all of our course mates have put in.”

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