Types of Media Graduate Schemes

Want to get into the media industry but have no idea what to do or even where to start? We at Grad Jobs know there are a number of schemes available for newly-graduated candidates. So we want to make it simpler for you. With thousands of qualifications available, it can be extremely difficult trying to find a graduate scheme that’s relevant to you and the degree you’ve studied.

Depending on the scheme, a degree may not be required, but highly desired. For example, ITV’s News Traineeship may not require a degree, but will require more hands-on experience and working knowledge of the theory behind the subject. This article will cover the different types of media graduate schemes available, which qualifications you’ll need and where you can find these schemes.

Digital Media Graduate Scheme – BBC

BBCs digital media graduate scheme focuses on the software development side of its multi-platform offerings. This two year software development graduate scheme focuses on four different areas of BBCs Future Media which means you’ll have the opportunity to work on any of ten different products, meaning you’ll be able to find something that suits you. BBC is amongst The Times top 100 graduate employer of 2014, making the company a highly-sought after employer to work for.

Graduate Programme – Channel 4

Channel 4 run a few graduate programmes each year, with each role specialising in audience technologies& insights or marketing, press & communications. The marketing, press & communications position covers a broad range of topics within the media sector, such as coverage across print, online and broadcast.

Strategic planning and evaluation on all facets of marketing in media will be a large part of this role, as well as liaising with agencies and establishing yourself as a contact within the Channel 4 team. This scheme requires working knowledge of marketing, PR, journalism or communications through means of experience or study.

News Traineeship – ITV

ITV provide award winning news coverage as programming loved by millions of viewers across Britain. Their news traineeship will place you in the heart of one of their newsrooms and allow you to work alongside some of the talented, experienced journalists.

The difference between this scheme and the others on this list is that this one relies on the experience you have gained as opposed to any academic qualifications you may have received. To get on the ITV news traineeship, you need to prove your skills through your writing, work experience or indeed, your academic experience.

Next Steps

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