Types of Graduate Management Schemes

There are a huge number of management schemes available to graduates once you leave university. Whether you are leaning towards business, retail or project management, you have a number of options open to you. We’ve done the hard work for you; we’ve looked for the types of management schemes available to graduates and put them together in a useful list here.

Business Management Schemes

Business management schemes, much like business and management graduates are highly versatile when it comes to knowledge and skill. Careers such as a chartered management consultant, management consultant, recruitment consultant and an operational researcher are among those available in this sector. These graduate schemes contain a number of career options for graduates who specialise in marketing, clerical and business disciplines. Companies who offer graduate business management schemes include:

Retail Management

Retail management is another sector you can enter with a business management degree. In this sector, once graduates have entered, trainee manager positions are often offered along with a high level of training. Other careers in this field can include retail managers, retail merchandisers, marketing executive, warehouse manager or commercial art gallery manager. The list of companies for retail graduate schemes can vary from:

Project Management

Project management is an imperative part of any company and contributes to a streamlined and effective business. It is an invaluable skill and can be transferred to a number of industries, aside from business and management. Within the project management sector, careers available to graduates can vary from system project manager to a customer service project co-ordinator.

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