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18 June 2019 | Career Advice | Guest Author

If you’re a graduate keen to nurture a career within engineering, then you’ll be pleased to learn that there are a number of different engineering graduate schemes available for you to choose from. At GradJobs, we’ve outlined the different types of graduate schemes you can expect to find below.

Chemical Engineering Graduate Schemes

This sector involves developing and experimenting on machines and plants which lead to chemical reactions. Whilst working in a graduate programme, you will have a number of responsibilities (depending on the company and the scheme) including applying what you know about technology and science and implementing this knowledge into the operation of oil production facilities. Many graduate schemes in chemical engineering will provide the opportunity for you to develop throughout the business and expand your knowledge of the industry, allowing you to work towards more senior positions.

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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Schemes

An important role in the production of cars and other mechanical vehicles, this sector of engineering involves design implementation as well as the maintenance of mechanical systems. Ideally you would have a degree in mechanical engineering to pursue a career path in this sector. In a mechanical engineering graduate scheme with a company like EDF can involve rotating around the company, gaining experience in various operations such as Maintenance, Station Engineering, or Central Technical Organisation. Development can include learning opportunities and mentoring.

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Civil Engineering Graduate Schemes

Civil engineering plays an important part in today’s society, being responsible for tunnels, car parks, bridges as well as train stations and railways. The ideal graduate will have a degree or postgraduate master’s degree in civil engineering. Network Rail offer a civil engineer graduate scheme which will provide you with necessary training and development required to become a fully chartered engineer. Working on small projects as well as large-scale multibillion civil projects will be the norm. As a graduate civil engineer you will be expected to try your hand in a number of projects, big or small.

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Software Engineering Graduate Schemes

Software engineering covers a number of jobs within the IT and software engineering. A degree in computer science or another IT related degree is usually required for a job within this sector. Software engineering graduate schemes with companies such as BAE systems, offer a vast array of opportunities in a number of disciplines including electronic systems, maritime-naval ships and military air and information.

These can involve you creating software for heads up displays, flight control computers or even combat systems. BAE have a graduate scheme; the Graduate Development Framework two year scheme which develops the individual and give them the opportunity to work in military air and information or maritime services.

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Finding the Right Graduate Job in Engineering

Trying to find the right fit for you in engineering can be a somewhat difficult task, especially once you have graduated. This list only contains a handful of the sectors you can find a job in, but we have a rather extensive list of sectors within the engineering industry.

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