Top tips for making the most of your summer internship

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12 July 2017 | Career Advice | Guest Author

With summer holidays just around the corner, young people across the country are keen to get that crucial first step in the career ladder by landing a summer internship.

There is ample information out there about how to apply for internships, but what about once you're there? LifeSkills created with Barclays has a great range of tips to help young people get their foot in the door and make the most of the experience while they are there.

Kirstie Mackey, Head of LifeSkills at Barclays has provided her top tips for making the most out of your summer internship – and how to turn it into a job. You can also head to to find more information on how to succeed at work, as well as tips for crafting a CV and preparing for interviews.

Act the part

Before your first day, take time to envision yourself in the position you want after your internship. Be sure to act professional and remember that you aren't hanging out with your friends anymore! Treat everyone with respect and be friendly and upbeat – this will ensure that you make a good first impression. Listen carefully to what people say, use initiative and complete tasks on time.


It's important to take time to talk to colleagues to get to know them and find out more about the company. Although you have your own life, it is important to socialise and make an effort with everyone whilst engaging with the company culture. Networking like this gives you the opportunity to meet people and make great contacts which could open doors for you down the line.

Prioritise tasks

It can be overwhelming when there's a lot to do and you want to impress your boss but it is important to learn early how to organise and prioritise. Make sure you learn how to stay on top of your work and show you can approach tasks logically, calmly and efficiently even under pressure will always look good. 

Ask questions

Don't be shy, especially if you need clarification on a task. This is also a good way of showing you're engaged and interested in the company, showing your ambition and long-term interest. Be confident in your approach, but don't stray into arrogance.

Arrive early

You've probably heard this many, many times and that's because it's such an easy and important way to impress. It counts for all aspects of your role, not just getting to work early, but arriving at meetings early and being generally well prepared. It shows your dedication and passion for your role, and that you are respectful of other people's time.

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