Top 10 cities to work in from around the world

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19 December 2017 | Career Advice | Guest Author

What do we look for when looking for a new job? Usually a higher salary, but there is much more that makes up job satisfaction. Is the city safe, is there much to do after work, is there a good transport network for commuters? Whether you are thinking of relocating for an exciting change or just want to see if your city is in the list, this definitive guide should inspire.

10. San Francisco

In truth you could pick any of the major cities in the California state. Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego; they are all flourishing with business and job opportunities. But San Francisco wins because of its more relaxed lifestyle and lower average working hours.

9. Boston

The second American city on this list is surprisingly not one of the biggest. Boston may be smaller, but it’s average salaries are high and house prices are low. There are also great transport links into New York City for commuters, and a richness in history for those with time to explore. 

8. London

Extortionate house prices and long working hours. It is easy to be surprised to see London on the list, but the UK capital redeems itself by boasting the highest employment possibilities. Much like Boston it is also steeped in history, and there is a thriving nightlife for those after-work drinks. However, Brexit means that British citizenship could become harder to obtain, so if it’s a place you desire to work, move fast!

7. Vienna

Vienna is a city in the country of Austria, buried in the heart of Europe. It is a capital of culture and has once been known as the home to music. This small city might not have the highest paid work, but benefits from its beauty and wealth of things to do. The crime rate is also near the lowest on this list.

6. Oxford

Another city that has history deeper than its rivers is oxford. The city boasts some of the best higher education, and its occupants enjoy high average income. It also has excellent transport links to London.

5. Paris

Carrying on with the European theme, Paris also makes it onto the list. The French city is in a league of its own when it comes to food and healthy living. It also has excellent parks, schools, and a public transport network that stretches across the city.

4. Dubai

It feels as though it has been a while since the oil rich city became a major player in the financial market. It is now a thriving city in the middle east, and boasts incredible riches. While it is small, there are lots of jobs available to expats and a working visa can be easy to obtain. There is also a party lifestyle and unrivalled heat.

3. Sydney

Ok so maybe Dubai’s heat isn’t completely unrivalled. Sydney makes the podium thanks to; lots of sun, more sun, and finally sun. The coast of Australia is a beautiful place, and unsurprisingly residents are happy to be there. High income jobs are available and you won’t need to work weekends to obtain it. Instead just fire up the barbeque or relax in the pool.

2. Stockholm

Stockholm gets second because of its commitment to a healthy work life balance. In this city you can expect to work fewer hours and instead spend them exploring the wonderful country that is Sweden. Stockholm is also looking to be fossil fuel free by 2050 and recycles more than anybody else.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the winner in this list and that is down to its beautiful scenery, very low crime levels, thriving business sector. Much like neighbouring Singapore, it is flexible on working visa’s and has lots of jobs available.

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