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19 July 2016 | Grads Corner | Guest Author
HasibThe first day at the office can be an extremely intimidating thing, with a lot of pressure to put in a good first impression. It does not matter whether you are fresh out of college or an experienced professional, as the feeling that comes with being in a new place is usually always the same. There is the threat of making a false move or saying something that may negatively impact the opinion people may have about you in the future. So you need to be very careful about every move you make and what you speak. 
It is normal for anyone to feel stressed out on the first day at a new workplace. Do not let the stress get the better of you. Here are some tips that will help you be well prepared on the first day and have a perfect start:

Dress professionally so that you blend with the rest of the workers

You will have the chance to stand out from the rest. It should not be on your first day by wearing something which is totally different from what is the usual code at the workplace. It is always safe to wear formal clothes on your first day unless the company has specifically mentioned the dress code that you are supposed to follow on your first day. Your dress should help you to blend with your co-workers. Not only that, it should be crisp and clean. Dishevelled looks are a strict no and reflect poorly on your professionalism. 

Bring a positive attitude with you

The best dress that you can wear on that day is a positive attitude. You need to be brimming with confidence as you will need a lot of it. Show your enthusiasm for participating in any team activities or project that you are being assigned. Be quick to show your eagerness in learning new things and maintain a right body language at the workplace.

Do not be late on your first day

In any case, do not be late for work on the very first day at a new place. This is the worst mistake you can do and it will come back to haunt you. Once you came late on the first day, people will automatically have a fixed opinion in their minds that you are not a punctual person. Prepare for the D-day from the day before. Make sure that you have all your dress and necessary things ready, so that you can leave on time. 

Learn the names of your co-workers 

What happens when you have been introduced to someone earlier in the morning, but when you meet him at the cafeteria, you just do not remember his name? It will be an awkward position for you to be in and a shameful one too if you have to ask his name again. So memorise the name of the co-workers to avoid falling into such situations. If you happen to ever forget, then do remember to apologise first before asking the person’s name.

Do not miss the induction/orientation program

On the first day, you might be asked to attend some orientation or induction programme. If you have already attended one in the past, and no matter how boring your experience was, you need to participate. Skipping the orientation programme can give an impression of you being disrespectful towards the company’s culture and since you are new to the organisation, this is a huge faux pas. 

Learn all about the company in details

Just the way you did your homework before the interview process, you should now do the same after joining the organisation. Every organisation has a different work culture and there are things that need to be understood in order to fit into it effortlessly. So, if you show that you have a pretty good knowledge about the company, for a person who has just joined, it’s definitely a bonus point.

Join your co-workers for lunch

This is one of the most important activities that will shape your future in the organisation. If you are going to remain a team player, you need to take part in team activities and lunch is one activity that happens every day. So, join your co-workers for lunch and you may even make new friends. Work etiquette is something you should never compromise on.
Take your first day as a challenge instead of being stressed. Relax and contain the excitement by being in control with your actions. The above tips will surely help you in making an impression that will be precious in the future. 

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