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30 November 2015 | Grads Corner | Guest Author

segun2For anyone interested in a career in Human Resources, be aware that it is a broad and also defined occupation.

There are specialists who focus in defined areas. For example compensation and benefits or training and development.You tend to find HR 'Generalists' in smaller companies who do not have the resources (financial and or personnel) to provide specialist support.

These kinds of roles are good opportuniies for new graduates to learn all about the many functions within HR; many believe it's just about hiring and firing when there is so much more to the field than that.

It's worth remembering that Human Resources is a discipline - You have to be flexible and adaptable to change.

 You also have to be able to work under pressure as you are juggling many responsibilities at the same time. One day you can be hiring, the next, assisting a manager with a disciplinary issue.

You have to be meticulous and be prepared to handle a large amont of paperwork. You also have to have great analytical skills and teamwork.

Is HR for you?

Segun Ariyo is a passionate individual, who loves helping others to achieve their potential. He runs a thriving consulting company, providing life coaching to individuals and groups. Segun is a renowned motivational speaker, HR consultant and trainer.

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