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20 October 2016 | Career Advice | upriseVSI Technical

Networking for Success

Young Ladies Club is an empowerment platform to help young ladies develop themselves in the following areas: Employability, Entrepreneurship, Education and Personal Development. We host a variety of events, seminars and workshops. Our most successful networking night named “High Heels” brings together up to 100 ladies to network and connect and share their pool of knowledge with others.

We describe some successful networking tips to help you get ahead in the job market!

Proper. Preparation. Prevents. Poor. Performance.

It’s the power of the P, which stands for Preparation! It is important that you prepare for an event beforehand in order to ensure you know who will be speaking and who you would potentially like to connect with. You could use LinkedIn to research speakers and also the work that they do. In addition to researching speakers, you should come to networking events with your business cards. You can print some basic business cards that have a professional look and feel. Make sure your business cards have your name, email, contact number, details of your course and university.

Work your way around the room

Once you are at the networking event it is very important to learn how to work your way around the room. Firstly avoid any personal clutter such as bags and just carry around your business cards. Stand on your own for a bit and observe the room, and look for people who look interesting and friendly. Try and join a group when the conversation doesn’t look too serious, as causing a break in a deep conversation will be considered rude.

Make a good impression

It is always good to make a good lasting impression with whoever you speak with at a networking event. People will always remember you if you are confident, up-front, positive and sociable. You must also ensure that you use your listening skills and remember the things that you have spoken about so you can refer to these facts during your follow up process.

Follow up

It is very important to follow up with your contacts after meeting them at networking events. Create a follow up email to the contacts you have met and be sure to:

  • Reference the event and the conversation you had with the contacts
  • Mention something specific, especially of mutual interest that you discussed with the contacts
  • Suggest a way to keep your conversation going with your contacts
  • Close the email with next steps, perhaps a meeting date and time


Other Tips

Find contacts on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to help you connect with professionals. LinkedIn can also help you with your search for employment; therefore it is paramount that you have a professional page that highlights what you intend to achieve at university or what you have achieved already.

Utilise your university alumni service to find individuals working for companies you have an interest in:

University alumni services can be used as a great resource to connect you with individuals who work in companies you have an interest in. Coming from the same university as the alumni can help you build a rapport from the outset. Offer an invitation to the alumni for a coffee and state your interest in their industry. Ensure that you come prepared to ask questions about the culture in the industry and also current developments or changes in the industry.

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