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training becomes market leader just three years after formation.

HGV, the largest provider of HGV training in the UK, has today announced an ambitious plan to train one in three of the truckers on our roads by 2020 – fortifying its position as one of London’s biggest entrepreneurial success stories of recent years. Since its launch in 2012, the company has more than trebled turnover – and has its sights set on further dominating the UK’s HGV training sector. By expanding the corporate training arm of the business, co-founders Gary Benardout and James Clifford are aiming to increase the company’s share in the market from its current 15% to by 21% next year, and on to 33% in 2020.

After a decade of combined experience in the sector, Benardout and Clifford launched the company as a direct response to the UK’s chronic shortage of trained HGV drivers. While road logistics is the backbone of UK commerce, the driver shortage crisis is now fully-fledged, with the Freight Transport Association estimating that 60,000[2] more drivers are needed by 2020 to avoid serious repercussions to the UK economy – with road logistics the backbone underpinning UK commerce.

Meeting this national need has seen’s turnover has increase by 326% since 2013. Based on current projections, turnover will top £11m in 2016. While the company provides the highest levels of training direct to the consumer, its corporate training division is seeing the fastest levels of growth. already works as the training arm of some of the largest logistics companies in the UK, but is looking to broaden its portfolio even further with the aim of becoming the UK’s number one corporate HGV trainer.

“Having a force of highly-trained drivers is critical to the success of logistics firms, or any firm with a logistics arm,” says Benardout. “Not only does it help to deliver new business contracts, it also means that drivers are operating efficiently and with the utmost safety.”

Road safety is a key concern for the company and it’s no secret that HGVs are frequently involved in collisions, particularly with cyclists. Clifford believes that it is paramount truck drivers get the best possible training.

“When an HGV driver hits the road they should be trained to the best possible ability to ensure not just that their loads reach the destination safely, but the most vulnerable road users are protected too. As well as providing top-level training, the trucking industry should be actively engaged with cycling bodies to make our roads as safe as possible for everyone”.

The future is looking bright for The company is in the strong position of being able to deliver the highest quality of training, but in 30% less time on average compared to competitors. This is not only a strong proposition to potential trainees and corporate partners, but also means that the skills gap can be filled more expediently.

“There is a perception that a career in HGV driving isn’t glamourous,” Benardout concludes. “But for anyone looking for a job with fantastic long-term prospects, and sense of job satisfaction I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. While many sectors have struggled through the economic downturn, the demand for HGV drivers has never been higher. At, our aim is to take the overall standard of HGV driving to an entirely new level.” is the UK’s largest provider of HGV, LGV and PCV training and has the most extensive network of training centres and vehicles available.

With access to almost four-dozen locations nationwide and holding more than a decade of experience preparing prospective drivers, has one of the highest pass rates in the UK and prides itself on enabling licenses to be achieved in under one week.

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