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02 March 2018 | Career Advice | Guest Author

As a student you will work hard to achieve the very best results and qualifications you can. It’s possible you may feel an immense pressure to achieve too. This can come from parents, peers, the world around you and your own mind. It’s a competitive market both in school, university and work, which is enough to make even the most steadfast student crumble.

To ease your worry in preparation for the future, has discovered taking an opportunity to work, teach or travel abroad may just give you an edge to compete with the best of them. After all, UK students who study abroad are 9% more likely to gain a 1st or 2:1 degree at university and 24% less likely to be unemployed.

So, don’t let the pressure get you down, uncovering new cultures may just be the answer!

It's a Three-Way Thrill!

Taking an opportunity to travel abroad to work, learn or just explore, will allow you an opportunity to challenge yourself. How you adapt and interact in a foreign land will force you to identify new skills you never knew you had, or to refine skills that lay dormant. Step outside your comfort zone to: learn, experience, explore! Three undeniable, personal benefits.

Boost Employability

A recent survey conducted by CBI/Pearson claims employers drawn from all sectors of the economy are unsatisfied with graduate applicants’ lack of international skills. Some of the main frustrations encountered by employers include:

  1. Relevant work experience – 31%
  2. Attitudes and behaviours – 32%
  3. International, cultural awareness – 39%
  4. Business and customer awareness – 40%
  5. Foreign language skills – 47%

Traveling to unknown climes will provide you with a cultural awareness: an ability to work with people from all backgrounds. It will also provide you with a global outlook, one which will allow you to better understand clients’ needs and wants moving forward into the workforce. In essence: travelling will make you adaptable, open, confident and curious! Each a valuable quality to any employer searching for a suitable candidate!

When writing a CV or preparing for an interview, remember to always market and promote your time away (whatever the circumstance) effectively so it stands out as a significant asset – not simply a jolly abroad!

Improve Language Skills

Research today shows 70% of companies believe future employees will need foreign language skills and international experience to succeed. Certainly, as British businesses look to pursue opportunities in markets across the globe, it will be more important than ever for the UK to develop the talents of its students to the full.  

It’s the perfect time to learn another language! Being multi-lingual will show you have an ability to connect with a broader range of people and that you have the skills to break into new markets, loaded with the confidence to communicate and negotiate. Plus, it conveys you are motivated and driven to learn new skills.

Extend Your Experience

If you choose to work abroad, focusing on a specific area of interest, you can extend your experience in the field. Not only are you learning from a British point-of-view, but you are taking in another view too. This will allow you to form a well-rounded understanding of the type of role you wish to pursue and will give you an advantage over other candidates applying for the same roles in the future!

Andrew Lynch, a spokesperson for Teaching Abroad, adds:

“To thrive, students should seek to challenge themselves. There is no richer way to do this than to embark on studying or working abroad. A placement will provide you with an opportunity to thrive, boost employability, improve language skills and extend expertise in your chosen field.

If you take teaching abroad as an example, aspiring teachers can improve their understanding and empathy working with different cultures. This will deliver vital experience to a career where you never know who you will have to teach from one day to the next!”

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