How to stay healthy and sane when on the job hunt

Grads Corner
16 August 2019 | Grads Corner | Guest Author

Graduating sets you on the road to gainful employment. There’s just one snag - getting a job! Unless you’re lucky, this takes time and tons of applications.

With so much pressure on you to succeed, it’s not surprising people become overwhelmed. It can feel like you’re going nowhere as the rejections pile up. 

Don’t give in to those negative emotions. You’ve got to keep going, but at the same time respect yourself and your health. Sounds difficult? It’s easier than you think.

We’ll take you through the basic steps and give you some pointers. A few straightforward adjustments are all that stand between misery and making money!


When you were studying, you may not have been the most organised person on campus. If you’ve carried that on past graduation, then now’s the time to stop.

Here’s the thing. Employers like organised people, who can operate independently if needed. Where better to start organising your life than at home? 

Start with your job search. Treat job-hunting as a full time role in itself. There are so many sites out there; it’s easy to get swamped. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Get up early in the morning, and make every hour count for something. A positive outlook keeps you going. Take inspiration, and simple advice from leading figures.


Once you’ve got your daily schedule worked out, you’ll start to think clearer and have more confidence about what you’re doing. But it won’t work without a healthy lifestyle.

We know what you’re thinking. Punishing exercise routines and horrible food. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are workouts to suit every taste.

Start slow, don’t just rush into it or you may be flat on your back before you even get going! Some easy and - best of all - free options can be read about here.

Should you be feeling more adventurous you can get out and about on your bike. Just make sure you’ve read up on the best way to exercise for you.

Prepare your body for exercise with the right diet. Health food can be good food, and affordable. A range of apps steer you in the right direction and recipes abound online.

R ‘n R

Time out from the daily grind is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you have a job or not. Focusing on one thing for too long can lead to burnout, so nip that in the bud.

This is great. A cheap and easy way of relaxing is to chill with a boxset. Streaming services bring top entertainment from across the globe straight into your living room.

It may sound obvious, but are you sleeping alright? Poor quality sleep leads to clouded thinking and a negative outlook. Whatever you do, get your required sleep.

Meditation, or plain old switching off, is another way to reduce stress and keep your mind healthy. An all round app to help you with this is Calm. And it’s free!

Of course you could be feeling very bad about things, in which case there are people you can talk to. Thankfully there are various choices you can make in that situation.


If you’re stuck at home with a mountain of job applications to do, you can feel pretty shut in. There’s one obvious solution to that… go outside! Better still, meet with friends.

You’re not alone. Most people struggle in life to varying degrees. Maybe your mate wants to vent about stuff going on with them. The important thing is having the contact.

Socialising takes you out of yourself and gives you a different perspective. Make sure you actually venture out to do it, rather than sitting behind a screen. 

Life doesn’t have to automatically become expensive once you graduate, and there are still plenty of deals to be had for graduates, especially if you look online before heading out. Here’s some ways to grab a free Costa coffee, so that you can have a heart to heart with a friend over a hot cuppa, to start with.


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