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14 February 2020 | Career Advice | Guest Author

The very first interview can be quite intimidating. You’ve heard the stories about interviews, but you still can't imagine this journey of heading into the unknown. While you might not be able to predict the outcome of the interview, you can do everything that it is in your power to prepare.

Being prepared will help you feel more confident in the interview. That confidence can overshadow the wrong answers. If you are determined to break the ice in a grand way, this is what can lead you to an awesome first interview.

Get to Know the Company

Interviewers want to see your passion for their company. Research the company before you head to the interview.

Visit their website, social media profiles, and google them. Learn about their goals, their prominent achievements, their employees, and competitors.

You should find the information that will help you answer questions about their company.

Additionally, you should be able to answer why you want to work specifically for that company. Within your answer feel free to mention how they are better from their competitors. It will give them a little ego boost.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

The first impression can be crucial for the company's decision. The answers aren't the only ones that are relevant. Your body language is just as important.

What you should focus on is to:

  • Give firm handshakes
  • Stand up straight
  • Smile
  • Make direct eye contact
  • Speak clearly
  • Use hand gestures while speaking
  • Nod your head to show understanding

Practice this at home to get used to it. Act out how would you enter the office, sit, listen, and speak. This will help you get used to such body language.

Review Interview Questions

Practice the common interview questions and form your answers in advance. When you know what you want to say, you will feel more relaxed during the interview.

Here are some of the typical interview questions:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want to work at this company?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • What are your strengths/weaknesses?
  • Share a situation when you demonstrated leadership/teamwork.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why should we hire you?

Ask a family member or a friend to ask you these questions. Answering the questions to someone is different than practicing on your own, so give it a try.

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Get a Good Night Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep will get your body and mind in a better state. You don't want to be half asleep during your interview.

Sleep deprivation can affect your mental performance and affect your ability to keep up with the conversation.

Since being nervous can prevent you from sleeping well, do the things you love the most before you head to bed. Read your favorite book, meditate, hang out with family or friends, or watch your favourite movie.

What can also help you feel sleepier is physical activity. Go running, hike, or anything you like. Exhausting your body will help you fall asleep in no time.

Remind Yourself that This Is Not Your Only Chance

Putting too much pressure on yourself can get you to feel anxious. You don’t want the anxiety to make you freeze in the middle of the interview.

While being nervous is normal, you shouldn’t let the interview overwhelm you. Explain to yourself that this is just the first interview. Many more will come afterward.

Even if you think that this is your dream job, you can't be sure about that. Many more opportunities await you.

You can even look at it as your practice interview to lower the tension. The only thing you should aim for is to walk out of that interview satisfied with yourself.

It is not all about getting the job after the first interview. What is more important is that you feel good about yourself afterward. Just keep in mind that for a successful interview you need to prepare well, dress appropriately, and stay relaxed. Delivering that should be your only goal right now.

About the author: Daniela McVicker is a career expert and the contributing editor for Alltopreviews. She’s also a business communication coach, helping future job applicants to achieve success on their career paths.

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