How Getting Fired Can Open a World of Opportunities

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06 December 2016 | Career Advice | Guest Author

“We’re sorry, but we will need to let you go” . Certainly, these are the words no one wants to hear from their employer. Especially if you’re just starting building your place in the business world. If this situation followed your first employment, you might start seriously doubt professional skills you have gained during your education process. Also, anger, fear, shock and the feeling of sadness and low self-esteem are not uncommon when this happens – particularly if being fired was an utter surprise.

Most of us link our identities to our jobs, and this is why being let go severely affects our feeling of self-worth. Being rejected is no easy things to handle, in work, as well as in other areas of life. However, most of us fail to see the opportunities when something like this happens.

Losing heart and feeling sorry for yourself in situations like these is treading the path of least resistance. Seize this opportunity and take advantage of getting fired as best as you can!

Lessons learned

Each experience, good and bad, is a lesson that’s just waiting to be learned. The reason “why” you lost your job will tell you a lot. Were you not a good fit for your company? Did you make crucial mistakes that lead to getting fired? What could you have done differently? What will you do better when you find another job? Always ask your employers to give you a detailed feedback on your work performance and the reasons they let you go, so that you can actually make this experience a lesson.

Gaining resilience

In extremely stressful situations, a saying that there’s a positive in every negative may sound unbelievable. However, it’s true – without a doubt. Failing in the workplace might help you to develop resilience and rise to a challenge and come back stronger. It’s entirely up to you which path you’ll choose. If you “survive” such failure, you’ll build a good foundation for all that lies ahead and new challenge that awaits you. On top of that, you will most probably have bigger desire to prove yourself that you can do it, so such situation can be a motivator as well.

Getting out of the rut

Getting fired means having more time to learn new skills while looking for a new job. Enroll a course you have always wanted and learn new skills that will help you in a job search. If you know that you got fired for not having a certain set of skills required for a job – now is the time to work on changing this. Skill-building will make you a more desirable candidate and this will help you build confidence and self-esteem as well.

Share it with the world!

Have you ever considered starting your own blog? You can share your experience of a job loss with the world and invite people to talk about their experiences as well. This might not only help you get feelings of low self-esteem and anger out of your system. This will also help you to gain a new skill and feel better about yourself – and who knows, you might even monetize your blog if it becomes popular. Blogging doesn’t have to be a hobby – it can be your new and lucrative career.

Updating your resume

If you have been stuck in one position for a long time, you probably haven’t updated your resume for a while. Have a good, long look at it and boost your CV as much as you can. Try hard to get in touch with all former employers and colleagues and obtain references from them. This is a great chance to do some networking, let them know you’re available for work and who knows – they might even have some work for you.

Decide on a career path

Perhaps you really loved what you have been doing. In that case, you can continue searching for the job in the same industry you worked in. However, if you weren’t happy with your choice of career, you can consider a change. Think of all the skills you currently have (and those you’ll acquire soon) and write down a list of careers where you could use them. What’s the career where you can just transfer all the skills you used at your previous employment?

Be your own boss

Finally – you might not want to depend on others to give you a job any more. The best thing about losing a job is that this change can inspire your entrepreneurial spirit and push you into fulfilling your dreams. Of course, you don’t have to lose your job to consider starting your own business. The main factors in starting your new business are a true dedication, passion and the readiness to devote yourself to the business idea you created.

About the Author Stacy Morris loves to write about education and career. She is currently writing for Central College, an institution striving to provide excellence in education and knowledge.

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