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24 October 2019 | Grads Corner | Guest Author

PerCurra launches ‘Graduate Franchisee Package’ to provide profitable business opportunities for ambitious graduates. 

Starting your own business may be the goal for many ambitious graduates but becoming a franchisee of any description, let alone one in the care business, is rarely considered by those leaving university. Yet, according to a recent report from The British Franchise Association, the franchise industry is growing with franchising being seen as a safer route into business providing an opportunity to align with a proven model and recognised brand. 

PerCurra, the national home care franchise, is keen to attract more entrepreneurial talent into the care industry and has announced that it is currently seeking ambitious graduates to benefit from its successful, well established franchisee programme 

Particularly suited for graduates at Masters and MBA level, PerCurra is offering a ‘Graduate Franchisee’ package to enable graduates to launch a viable business in the provision of care services. As an incentive, PerCurra is offering graduate franchisees a two-year payment holiday. 

As students will not have had the chance to build up the cash reserves to invest in the franchise immediately upon graduation, PerCurra is offering them the opportunity to defer the payments. The firm is also offering full training, support and access to its bespoke IT systems which enable all franchisees to hit the ground running and start to operate a profitable business straight away.

Through its links with Nottingham Trent University, the PerCurra team found that many misconceptions about the home care sector existed amongst graduates which given their age and life experiences may not be surprising. However, once the varied nature of the sector, its responsibilities and the opportunities it presents for starting and developing a business were shared by the PerCurra team, levels of interest rose.

Gill Heppell, PerCurra’s Founder and Managing Director explains: “It’s often thought that the home care sector involves looking after elderly people and there is a stigma about the day to day role of what’s involved. However, at PerCurra, 75% of our business provides care for people who are under the age of 65. Our services are for people with a range of needs resulting from learning or physical disabilities, mental health or other health issues. We pride ourselves in helping people live the life they want to live, which makes this an extremely rewarding business.”

“In the UK there has been a huge growth in the demand for at home care services. This strong demand, coupled with the extensive support we provide for our new franchisees in helping them to secure clients and establish a reliable, profitable franchise based on our proven system, is something we think will be popular with business minded graduates.” 

In addition to providing the opportunity to work within a growing sector, one which provides high levels of job satisfaction and makes a positive impact on people’s lives, something which is increasingly important to millennials, the start-up costs and overheads involved in setting up a PerCurra franchise are small when compared to starting a business from scratch. Given the extensive IT system available, setting up a PerCurra franchise does not even require an office and is something a franchisee could do from home.

Gill Heppell adds: “The graduates we have spoken to want to embark on a career that can make a difference to people, whilst also enabling them to run a successful business. The costs involved are small when compared to setting up ‘on your own’ and I would encourage any entrepreneurial graduates who want to run their own business but be part of an established network to get in touch with us.”   

PerCurra is currently recruiting across the UK for franchisee who want to benefit from the company’s experience in building a successful business. The offer for franchisees includes a six-month tailored training programme and support systems such as IT infrastructure, marketing, staff recruitment and client acquisition as well as business development support to help its franchisees create thriving businesses delivering an excellent range of home care services.

For further information on PerCurra franchising please click HERE.

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