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12 August 2016 | Grads Corner | Guest Author

Every one of us will have a different journey when it comes to finding a job after university, but I’m a firm believer that personal branding can play a supporting role when it comes to getting interviews and offers.

I’m a graduate of the University of Sussex where I studied Business Management Studies with Global Economics, but I’m probably mostly widely known for my time on BBC’s The Apprentice. Now, I’m a busy entrepreneur working on my personal branding consultancy, hosiery brand (which I revealed on the show) as well as many other exciting projects (but there’s too many to list here!).

Whilst you may not want to kick-start your career by throwing yourself into the limelight of primetime TV, there are some other ways to develop your personal branding, one of which is by having your own website.

Here are my reasons why having a website can be so effective:

Be personal

Your website can be a reflection of yourself, encompassing everything from its name to its design and content. You might choose a domain name that’s simply your full name, or something that describes your skills instead.

By including your own name within your domain name, your website will be likely to appear in the search results when someone searches for you on Google or Bing; very helpful if you’d prefer potential employers to land there instead of your personal Facebook account…

If you’re job hunting in the UK, consider a .uk domain as this will communicate where you’re based (plus, it’s short and snappy).

Have control

There are some websites which will let you build an online CV or portfolio using a simple template, but these can often be restrictive, especially if your experiences don’t fit a pre-existing mould.

This is especially true if you’ve done a degree in design, arts, or media, as you’ll want to show off your portfolio in a more graphical style; this can sometimes be a hurdle on template websites. If you buy a domain name and hosting, you’ll have the option to do things your way.

Another consideration is that you won’t have to relinquish any of your property rights by displaying your works on a third-party website. As long as you maintain your domain and hosting agreement, you’ll have control of your information, where it’s displayed, and how.

Be agile

Not only will you have the ability to own your content, but you can add to it and change it whenever you need to. You don’t need to be a web developer to do this either, as you can choose to install a content management system (CMS) like WordPress which makes it relatively easy to create a website.

Aside from including your personal portfolio or CV, some of the other elements you might want to add to your website may include a contact form, buttons for your social media profile links, and a professional photograph of yourself. You can make unlimited changes to these as you start to figure out what works best for attracting the right conversations.


Bianca Miller is a brand ambassador for the .uk domain names, and managing director and founder of The Be Group and Bianca Miller London. She will be speaking at the National Graduate Recruitment Exhibitions in London and Birmingham in association with the .uk domain and ecohosting; packages will be on offer to those who would like to create a .uk domain name.

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