Essential rules for achieving a successful remote working career

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26 April 2018 | Career Advice | Guest Author

So, what exactly is remote work? Nowadays, technology has made it possible for workers to approach their jobs and tasks in a very flexible manner. Remote work simply means that the central location from which all the work is done is no longer in a traditional office space. People are enabled to do their jobs from home, and often, completely exclude commuting to work every business day.

The great thing about remote work, also referred to as telecommuting, is that entrepreneurs get the chance to hire skilled professionals from all across the globe. You can either have people working from home during the entire work hours, or it can be a part of their work schedule. Depending on what a particular project requires, it can be either temporary or regular.

The important question is – how to do it right? In this article, we are going to discuss some of the essential rules for achieving a successful remote working career.

Enable a gathering spot

One fact that you must never forget is that every employee has the need to have a certain amount of human interaction with other team members. So, as much as it is great that remote work removes the majority of distractions and boosts productivity, the “human” must never be pushed aside. That is why you need to have a virtual gather place, with channels where people can talk to each other about their weekends, families, and other things.

For this purpose, you can use a program like Slack, or any of its contemporary alternatives. This serves two important purposes. First, your company’s culture gets strengthened through the satisfaction of your employees. Second, it enables you to constantly be aware of what your employees are doing during their workdays.

Surround yourself with results-oriented people

It is important that you form a team out of results-oriented people, as they deal with every task at hand by focusing on the goals and deadlines. When it comes to larger projects, they are the ones that will come up with various strategies to approach them, pay attention to all the finer details that need to be covered, and do their job in a systematic manner. Basically, this is how they will both do top-notch work as well as have better control over the time they’ve got.

Another great thing about this kind of employees is that they are problem-solvers, and have no problem taking the initiative. They are well aware of how much better and efficient for them is to take attempt to approach the problem on their own, and ask for help only when they really need it. So, it would be wise to check the previous experience of the people you interview, in order to find people like this, which are bound to improve your business.

Make morning check-ins necessary

When you look at businesses today, a lot of them, especially those dealing with software development, are embracing agile innovation methods. You can be one of those leaders, or maybe you still prefer the traditional ways of managing projects. No matter what your preference is, the fact remains that checking in with your remote team on a daily basis is essential, just like you would if you were all working in an office.

Of course, if your remote team is big, you’ll never get things done if you check in with every single employee on their own on a daily basis. This is where leadership development is vital, because team leaders and administrators are those that you can speak with every day via Skype or another preferred platform, and make sure that they properly convey your message to the rest of the team, as well as make sure that goals get accomplished, and report the success back to you.

The importance of a morning check-in lies in accountability of your team. It makes sure that every single team member is up to date with the current situation, and that nobody’s time gets squandered.

Ask for end of day reports

This final advice may seem unnecessary for particular business models and leaders. However, if you are a startup company that is new to the whole telecommuting concept, this approach is a very good way to establish structure, and build a relationship of trust with your team.

As we have previously ascertained, sometimes it’s completely ineffective to have daily calls with each and every team member. So, end of day reports can really help you in this manner, with everyone just sending you a message via the platform that you have chosen, so that you feel content about the work that has been done during the day, and make plans for tomorrow.

In summation

Running a team remotely in an effective manner highly depends on what kind of people you hire, how you communicate with them, how much space you give them for essential human reaction, and how you establish structure and relationships. Find the right software for your employees to communicate to each other, as well as the means for you to convey important messages to leaders, and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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