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19 June 2020 | Career Advice | Guest Author

If you are applying for a high-paid job, your social media are part of your reputation. Be sure that you make none of these 6 social media mistakes so as to introduce yourself in a good light.

Today moving up the career ladder is not only about improving professional skills but also about growing as a person. Most recruiting agencies use social media to look for candidates. Though not every person runs social media accounts with a view to impressing their potential employer, their profiles can say a lot about them. Pictures, posts, and comments on social media are basically what constitutes a person’s reputation.

To make the right impression on recruiters, you should be careful with the content you share. The mistakes below are the most common pitfalls that employees make on social media platforms.

  1. Poor Grammar or Spelling

Literacy manifests the level of education. Candidates with misspellings and grammar mistakes are unlikely to catch the recruiter’s attention. The inability to check the text before posting and make sure it is free of any errors only indicates an employee’s inattention to details or reluctance to strive for perfection. Poor writing skills are the number one reason why many employers reject candidates. It is obvious that you are not expected to have brilliant writing skills and unmatched eloquence on your profiles. What you are required to have is the ability to express your ideas and views in an error-free and intelligible manner.

  1. Shady Leisure Time

Your choice of leisure activities matters a lot. Since every employer wants their staff to embrace the company’s values, the way you spend your free time may affect your reputation at work. Many recruiting agents avoid hiring candidates that have negative leisure experiences in their history, such as wild and bizarre parties with alcohol or get-togethers that have a destructive impact on the candidate’s self-development or health. One way or another, the actions in your spare time may affect your reputation and accordingly the company’s image. Unless there is a good occasion of arranging a decent party that is worth mentioning, you should carefully think before publishing the content of the like on your social media.

  1. Lack of Social Engagement

People become successful not only because they have years of vast professional experience but also because they are able to build good social connections. Attending work-related social events opens up numerous opportunities to meet like-minded and ambitious individuals that can support you in your aspirations. Antisocial and reserved candidates seem less attractive to employers as they tend to have worse communication skills in comparison with socially active and easy-going people. Therefore, it is best to highlight the moments when you took the leading role in your circle of friends or the communities you belong to.

  1. Inappropriate Jokes or Comments

What you say on social media defines who you are. The reason why recruiters give heed to your writing is that they are keen on exploring your judgment and viewpoints on many issues, including those that somehow refer to your business activities. Social media profiles that are abundant in rants and scathing remarks on political or social topics may damage your persona. Being overly negative on social media is the worst approach one can potentially adopt. No matter whether your say reveals the truth or not, it can make recruiters think of you in a more negative light than you really are.

  1. 5. Being Online During Working Hours

The last mistake that workers tend to make is using their social media during office hours. It might seem a negligible thing, but yet, many employers expect their personnel to be fully involved with their responsibilities. For that reason, some employers may also keep track of the worker’s active hours on social media. The use of social networks at the wrong time may entail trouble at work as your manager can put into question your efforts and contribution made to the project you work on.

However, there is a flip side to that. Those who aren’t at all on social media turn out to be partially isolated, as a considerable part of the interaction between employees takes place online. As such, it is vital to check and update your pages on a regular basis. If you are not a huge fan of regular updates on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, try to post at least once a week to stay involved with your team. The complete inactivity on social platforms is equally bad because it eventually reduces your chance of winning the job contest or getting a promotion.

What Are the Best Practices to Avoid Social Media Mistakes?

There are a few rules to follow if you use social media for professional purposes.

First off, it is desirable to devote a part of the content to work and professional topics. By showing how you try to evolve and learn new things, you get the trust of potential employers as nothing is more convincing than an employee’s insights about productivity, time-management, or self-development.

Second, you should ping your current or former fellow works that you are proud of knowing. At times, recruiters choose to form their opinion through connections on social media.

Finally, the most in-demand candidates usually have some experience in volunteering, mentoring, or working in non-profit organizations. If you have a similar background, do not hesitate to mention it on social media as it will undoubtedly be your biggest advantage in the competitive job market. 

Betty Lockwood is a web developer, blogger, fintech expert and caring mother of two kids. She loves to write about new technologies, business news, travelling, and music events. Betty is also editor-in-chief at Computools. Follow Betty on Twitter


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