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21 March 2016 | Career Advice | Guest Author

Physics graduates have a wealth of career opportunities open to them – so much so that it can get a little confusing. Taking time to consider your long-term options and which careers would suit your strengths is definitely time well spent.

If you haven't already, you could study for a postgraduate qualification, which will open doors to some careers where intensive research experience is a must-have, and could also give you the edge in the hunt for your dream job. Alternatively, why not start your own business?

Whatever you decide, the graduate market has never been more competitive. Get ahead by topping up on the key skills like communication and teamwork that employers love. If you're already starting to apply for jobs, great! But make sure you're up to speed on things like CVs, application forms and interview techniques. Make that CV sparkle with some hard-hitting, relevant work experience.

Focus on physics teaching

Physics teaching is one of the most challenging and fulfilling careers you could consider. Specialist physics teachers are in demand across the UK, and you could receive a government bursary of up to £30,000, or an IOP Scholarship of £30,000 to help you through your training year.

Find information here to help you make an informed decision on becoming a physics teacher, learn about how to apply, what we can do to support you, and what training options will best suit your interests.

For example, you may want your training to include other subjects too. Not only do you have a choice on how to train but there are also options on what additional subjects your training will include, such as Physics with Science and Physics with Maths. 

To find out more about physics teacher training, visit this recruitment events calendar to find out when and where to meet prospective training providers. Good luck!

If you want more information, visit which lists popular career choices for physicists plus options for research and further degrees.

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