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16 March 2015 | Grads Corner | Guest Author

So you want to become a HR professional? Ask yourself why? Is it for money, fame and or prestige? Once you figure out the why then you can tackle the how. It is always tough breaking into a new industry particularly if you have no experience.

I often get asked how I got to be where I am in HR. I will share with you some tips to assist you in stepping on to the career ladder. When you do get that job you so desire you are more than welcome to send me a thank you gift. Bugatti's never go out of fashion!

I have conducted a lot of CV workshops and I always tell my clients never do any job for the money as you will not be fulfilled.


Any experience is better than no experience. If you are having difficulty getting into the HR industry this is a great way to get in.
Companies rarely turn down volunteers. Even if you are not getting paid you are enhancing your CV and making yourself more marketable. Hustle: What I mean is be available to do anything and everything within reason. As long as you are not being degraded or made to feel uncomfortable.


People hire people. Let people know what kind of work you are interested in Have a positive attitude: No one likes to be around someone who complains all the time. Smile, let your body language convey a 'can do attitude'.

Produce quality work!

Let your work advertise for you! When your boss sees a project or task you have completed leave him or her impressed by your contributions. If you prove invaluable chances are you may get a job offer. At the very least you get a good reference and enhance your reputation. Seek opportunities in unorthodox ways: Imagine if everyone is trying to get through one door. If there is a window open there is less competition. I am not advocating breaking and entering! What I am saying is stay alert and seek opportunities where you may least expect them. The more flexible you are the greater your chances. Good luck. You were born to succeed!

Segun Ariyo is a passionate individual, who loves helping others to achieve their potential. He runs a thriving consulting company, providing life coaching to individuals and groups. Segun is a renowned motivational speaker, HR consultant and trainer.

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