About to graduate? Don’t panic, here’s how to make the transition smooth and stress-free

Grads Corner
08 April 2019 | Grads Corner | Guest Author

It’s been a long hard journey, but you’re finally about to graduate. Of course, graduating has it’s own challenges, and naturally students get stressed about this.

Uni is a protective environment in many ways, and there’s no safety net once you’re out there making a name for yourself. No wonder graduates feel the pressure!

We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that. Pressure is a part of life, however you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by stress. Handling things is simpler than you think.

Stop, take a few breaths, make yourself a cup of tea and settle down to read our 5 essential tips. They’re straightforward and make post-graduation a relative breeze…


5. Budgeting

The earlier you can get a grip on your finances, the better. A student existence is notoriously expensive, and you should be used to grabbing every penny you can get.

Crunch those numbers. But don’t panic if numbers aren’t your thing. Start simple - make a list of what you spend each week, then each month. Pen and paper are fine.

Then take your first tentative steps into the world of managing your money. Finance apps are a good way of taking the financial strain and they set everything out clearly for you.

Once you get into a habit of monitoring your accounts and cutting out unnecessary expenditure, you’ll gain confidence and those bills will become less of a worry.


4. Organisation

You’re organising your finances. But why stop there? The best brains in Britain will tell you that managing your time effectively is a sure fire path to a bright future.

Here’s the thing. Time is as important as money, if not more so. And it’s precious. As you probably know, a few hours can go by quickly if you’re not focused.

It can be a juggling act but prioritising tasks, and knowing what you’ve got to do and when, is vital to reducing stress levels. If you didn’t do it as a student, now’s the time to start.

This is easy to say. What you need is great advice from experienced people. Read here to get a primer on controlling your day-to-day schedule.


3. Work

Employment is one of the most stressful factors for anyone, never mind a graduate. The best route to de-pressurising your brain is to strike while the iron is hot.

Apply yourself. Don’t wait until the diploma is in your hand before considering your options. Start researching and applying for roles today.

It doesn’t have to be a career-based job at first. Any type of job will give you a routine, and get you accustomed to the marketplace as you develop your skill set.

Have you thought about starting a business? If you have the right idea, you might be able to set something up before you take a step into graduate life.


2. Lifestyle

There’s lots of pressure on you to be a success story. But you won’t get there binging on (expensive) fast food and sitting around all day, even if you are working.

Here’s a great tip. The healthier you are, the more energy you have and the less stressed you’ll be. It doesn’t happen overnight, but keep going and you’ll get there.

Your student diet may well have included a regular dose of kebab, chips and booze. Cutting out the fat and alcohol makes a serious difference to your whole outlook.

Exercise is essential for keeping your body focused and your mind clear. Don’t just hit the gym though, as this can be expensive. Check out your options first. 


1. R ‘n R

Lastly, and perhaps surprisingly, is Rest and Relaxation. There’s no point in pushing yourself to the limit unless you make time to chill out and unwind. 

Taking it easy isn’t a weakness. Without rest you’ll be constantly stressed and will eventually burn out. It’s the smart thing to do. And how you do it is up to you.

It could be a night in with a takeaway and a movie. It could be a quiet, green space to go and meditate in. Or it could well be a reasonably priced night out with your mates.

Socialising, and above all, sleeping are key parts of a stress-lite schedule. Human contact and catching those zzz’s will take your stress down and put your prospects up.

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