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21 March 2016 | Grads Corner | Guest Author

shantalwilson2This is a massive, thrilling but nerve racking leap for me.

I feel like it is going to be one of many huge leaps that I make in my life. So I guess I better get used to this feeling of anxiety, anxiousness but at the same time a rush of excitement, from all the great prospects and opportunities that await me.

Upon deciding to further my education, and study for my Masters degree in MSc International Business Management, I was both conflicted and certain that I was ready to take this step. However juggling working full-time and studying part-time was a major concern for me, as I would have to learn to balance work life and allowing enough time towards my studies.

Working and studying is not a foreign concept to me, as I managed just fine whilst being an undergraduate student and working. Although, this time around, it is different my job at present consist of the possibilities of travelling and working away from home, and studying for a Masters degree whilst working full time can create certain obstacles along the way period! With that being said, I did not let the idea of uncertainty and the assumption of future obstacles deter me from my ultimate goals and objectives.

The process of me getting to this point, whereby I am enrolled on the course and in my 7th week of studying was not an easy one, sometimes making me question why I was doing this. Those circumstances haven’t stopped me; I am still progressing through the course and following through on my goals. After just 7 weeks, I can honestly say that studying a Masters degree is not an easy thing, everything seems to move so quickly!

Success requires hard work, dedication, positive mental attitude and the ability to remember where you are and where you’re aiming to be."

At times, different situations such as work, family or just life in general can create a lot of mental clutter which can feel overwhelming. Incidentally, you may feel like giving up and settling for how things are, basically throwing in the towel.

I can’t begin to tell you how may times I’ve felt like this - but I refuse to give up!

Your goals are yours to achieve. Don’t outside influences stop you from striving for the best. I am currently studying for my Masters degree and in two years time, I hope to write about how I came out on the other side - you might even read about it here on Grad's Corner!

Jamaican born Shantal Wilson moved to the UK at the age of 10. As of 2013, Shantal is Coventry University alumni, graduating with a 2:1 degree in Business and Marketing, and is currently employed as a Marketing Assistant at Pirtek UK.

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