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18 June 2020 | Career Advice | Guest Author

At the dawn of communication technologies, social networks were created to stay in touch with those who are physically far from us. Today, everything has changed. Social networks have become a powerful tool for business, sales, advertising and hiring. So how can social media help your career? We've identified seven different ways:

Find New Openings

Many modern companies create powerful strategies for their development in social networks - from increasing brand awareness to hiring. Even the British Army uses social networks to attract the attention of young recruits!

Social networks have become very powerful platforms for publishing new vacancies. This approach works well on Linkedin (which was created for this purpose), Facebook and Instagram. The search process is slightly different for each, but the essence remains unchanged. If you are looking for a new place to develop your career, social networks are worth taking into account. That doesn't mean you should ignore the traditional job platforms and official websites of the companies you are targeting.

Get in Touch With Useful People

Social platforms can positively influence your professional development through networking. It’s normal practice to add users who might be useful to your network of contacts, or those of whom you may be of service.

This strategy works especially well on Linkedin, so don't be shy to add people to your network or write to someone who may be useful to you i.e. a recruiter. Avoid template messages, otherwise you will quickly be marked as a spammer.

Hint! Even if at the moment you are completely satisfied with your place of work, browse through social networks and find potentially useful contacts from time to time. For example, add a recruiter to your network who is looking for specialists in your area. Even if you are not in a job search right now, it is always good that your C is in the databases of many recruiters from your niche. Give hidden opportunities a chance to find you! 

Create an Image of a Passionate Professional

It’s no secret that many recruiters look at the candidate’s social profiles before they get in touch for the first time. And this is the right decision since the ability to behave adequately in the network says a lot about you as a person.

Therefore, the first thing you can do is to create the right first impression, rather than spoil it. Moreover, you can create the impression of a competent professional and expert if you pay a little attention to your social profiles.

The ideal option is to strike a balance between the work and personal aspects of your life. After all, personality also matters. In other words, your social profiles should talk about you as a person who loves his job, who is well versed in what he does, plus has interesting hobbies and develops his skills in his free time.

Use the Power of Recommendations and Reviews

This is another very strong feature of Linkedin, however, it is possible to use recommendations and reviews to your advantage on other sites as well. For example, in order to strengthen your image as a professional, you can take a screenshot of your correspondence with a client who thanks you for your work. Or you can ask your client to write you a review on Facebook. Honest and natural reviews always work well and are an automatic recommendation for other clients or employers.

Consume Relevant Content

Yes, we also love to look at pictures of cute cats on Facebook but you can use this and other social media sites to build a successful career. All you need to do is subscribe to professional publics and groups. This is a good way to find out what others in your field are up to and which direction your colleagues are heading, highlighting areas for further training and development.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Social networks are great for developing a personal brand, increasing recognition, and, of course, thoughtful advertising campaigns. This is especially relevant for those freelancers who already have a stream of regular orders and wish to form deeper connections with their clients. 

As for the practical steps to develop a personal brand in a social network, you need a whole strategy. However, the right choice of a social site (of course, the one where most of your potential clients are located) is already half the success.

Make Your Profile Easily Searchable

Besides the fact that you can search for new and suitable vacancies yourself, you can make life easier for recruiters and let them find you in two clicks. As for Linkedin, everything is simple - all you have to do is insert a few keywords into your bio to improve your search results. As for Facebook and Instagram, you need to use hashtags. Better yet, have a whole hashtag strategy, especially if you are developing a personal brand. Your set of hashtags should be search-related, for example, #digitalmarketerforhire and so on.

As demonstrated, social media and career are already inseparable from each other. Moreover, many companies also use social networks in order to strengthen the team spirit, to find out the opinion of employees on a particular issue, and also to strengthen their reputation due to the reputation of employees. Do not ignore the possibilities of social networks for a career, especially since they are completely free! All you need to do is spend some time creating a strategy and looking for a vacancy, a person, or a client you need!

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