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10 August 2016 | Career Advice | Guest Author

While you were at college, you had great career goals. Now that you’re faced with an incredibly competitive market and you’re usually underqualified for the appealing positions, you’re ready to settle for any job someone is willing to get. Wait a minute!

What about your dreams? You’re not ready to give them up, are you? We have some tips for you. These unusual job hunting methods will help you avoid long-term job searching. All you need is some creativity.

  1. Printing Out Leaflets with Your CV

The first step is to create the perfect CV. It has to be visually attractive. Think about crafting it into the form of an infographic, which presents a great deal of information in a compact format. You’re a recent graduate, so you may have difficulties creating an astonishing CV. That’s okay.

Once you have a visually-appealing CV, you need to print it out. Now, you need to distribute it very strategically, where the companies of your interest are located. Just leave it there, and you can hope that someone important will see it. This technique may seem silly, but try it and you might be surprised with the effects. Believe it or not, managers and talent hunters appreciate people who are not afraid to put themselves out there.

  1. Make Friends with HR People

There’s nothing wrong in being a bit sneaky. Making contacts is a crucial aspect of your future career success. You already know many people, so use them to make as many connections as possible. Those connections shouldn’t be random, though.

Find out who the HR people of the companies of your interest are. Then, find and use the friends you have in common. Be a friendly, enthusiastic, and positive person, just as you are. Throw in the information that you’re looking for a job, and the people from the HR department will inform you about open positions.

  1. Be Proactive on Social Media

Are you active on social media platforms? Being active means expressing your opinions, sharing links to sources you like, and following other people. Being proactive, however, means using your presence on social media for a reason. In this case, your purpose will be getting a job.

Post a status update to inform your friends that you’ve finally graduated from college and now you’re ready to see what the real world has to offer. Comment on sources related to the niche you aim for. Connect with different companies and be active on their profiles. Post meaningful status updates and tag the profiles of these companies. Like, comment, and share!

  1. Blog!

You’ve learned a lot of things at college, haven’t you? Well, many other people attended college and they also know the things you know. How can you prove you’re better than them? Blogging is one of the best options.

A blog gives you tons of space to show how special you are. Start crafting awesome articles and launch them through an aggressive marketing campaign. Paid advertising on social media is very effective; it will attract the right audience to read your post.

Your blog will also look great on your CV, since it will invite the recruiters to find out something more about you. When they see your awesome blog, they will be impressed.

  1. Get an Unusual Hobby

Do you like climbing, paragliding, or any other activity that makes you special? Don’t hold back to include it in your CV. Recruiters love people with distinguished personalities. When they notice something unusual in your application, they will be intrigued.

You don’t have a hobby? Well, it’s time to find it and show that you’re not solely focused on getting a job. You’re also a cool person and you need to let people know about that side of your personality.

  1. Subscribe to Company Newsletters

We know you’re bored by newsletters. You don’t like a busy e-mail inbox and you don’t always read these messages, so this may not seem like a creative way to search for a job. Well, you need to change that. These e-mail messages give you insights into the companies’ culture. They will also inform you about open position, and that’s something you need at this moment.

When you show up to an interview, you’ll be more prepared than other candidates. You’ll have fresh information about the company’s new projects, challenges, and inventions. They will love you for that!

  1. Contact Important People

The CEO of a company seems out of your reach? You’ll be surprised with the fact that many people on high positions are approachable and ready to offer advice. You lose nothing if you just send a message with some creative questions about their work. Ask for their advice on your career progress.

If you manage to establish contact with some of these people and you use that opportunity to impress them, your open-minded, fearless approach will lead you to success.


Remember: the key to finding a nice job right after graduation is courage. You can’t just send out application and keep waiting for a call. Things will change when you put
yourself out there.


Mary Kleim is a creative writer and a blogger. One of her interests is career coaching. In the future she is planning to launch her own service dedicated to career service.

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