5 small changes in your life to improve your career

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10 December 2018 | Career Advice | Guest Author

Do you have a successful career but you only want to make it better? Having a successful career can be rewarding and exciting, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to make changes to enhance your career. The five simple changes below can be applied to your everyday life to help you do just that. No matter what kind of career you may be in, it's all about knowing yourself and understanding what parts of your life could be improved upon.

Develop Your Skill Set For Your Career

What do you do in your job? What are the skills you do everyday that are required in your field? Narrow down what you do on a daily basis and try improving the small areas that could improve your overall skill set. Are communication or public speaking required in your field? Consider taking a class or two on public speaking or communication. Take any class that you feel would be helpful for making you better at your job. Anything you can do to develop the skills to be better at work is worth doing.

Surround Yourself With A Strong Support System

Being at work all the time can drain you of all energy when you're not working. Surround yourself with a strong support system to get through the tough days. A happy life outside of your job makes the job a bit more fun and less stressful when you're actually working. It is also smart to try and have good friendships in your workplace.

Get More Rest

Working hard in the office can drain you of all energy. If you're working too much, find time to rest. You may be asking, "how much sleep do I need?" Well, you need anywhere between seven to eight hours of sleep a night to get enough rest. Anything less than that, or if you are consistently sleeping just a few hours a night, you will be sacrificing your mental and physical health for the long run.

Exercise More

Exercise does not mean having to hit the gym and get into heavy lifting. Exercising could simply mean a light jog, doing some yoga or light stretching, or even just a bit of cardio could do the job. Exercise throughout the week to maintain your body. If you are in a job that isn't very rigorous and you sit down a lot, you don't want to be too idle when on your days off. Strive to keep an active lifestyle to keep the energy up. Consider doing some meditation in the morning to help you clear your mind before the work day. Just some time to yourself is going to make a world of difference to how you react to everything at work.

Keep Life More Organised

Invest in a journal or an organiser to use everyday, to ensure you keep yourself accountable for everything you have in your day. A daily check up to see how you spend your time both at work and at home can help you see how you can stay more productive. Keeping your life organised is going to improve your life down the road, both at work and in your other environments.

Just making these five small changes in your life can make a big difference to your career. It's incredible how much can improve when you make changes that benefit both your life and your career. Simply keeping more organised, exercising more frequently, getting efficient rest, surrounding yourself with a strong support group, and furthering your skillset are all unique ways you can better your life and your career for the better.

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