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09 April 2015 | Career Advice | Guest Author

There are a number of jobs which offer a high level of financial security and few jobs which retain this high level of security throughout the lifetime of its respective career. If financial security is one of your lifetime goals, then it might be worth perusing a career in one of the following career sectors.

According to High Fliers’ 2015 Graduate Market report, the graduate starting salary for top employers has increased by almost 3.5% from 2013, making the average starting salary for 2015 around £30,000. We have compiled this list using a number of resources ranging from reports to statistics.

1) Investment Banking
Average Starting Salary: £45,000 - £50,000+

The highest paid graduate job for the last few years, careers in investment banking are highly competitive and require graduates with solid, proven analytical skills. Graduates with degrees in mathematics and physics are highly sought after because of the high level of skill involved with these pathways.

2) Law
Average Starting Salary: £38,000 – £40,000+

A career in law, much like in the finance sector has a range of opportunities as it has a number of jobs which fall under the law umbrella. Specific disciplines within this sector can include tax, corporate, employment and finance law. While many within the law industry may have an undergraduate degree in law, it isn’t entirely necessary. It is possible to get into the law industry through a vocational postgraduate qualification conversion course.

3) Finance & Banking
Average Starting Salary: £35,000 - £37,000+

The finance and banking sector has huge opportunities for development and encompasses a wide range of jobs including accounting, bank management and stock brokering to name a few. Because it is a broad sector, graduates interested in this industry will find a wealth of opportunities to suit their career choices.

4) Consulting
Average Starting Salary: £28,000 – £32,000+

Consulting can come in many forms and fall under the umbrella of a number of sectors. The salary for consulting has stayed fairly steady over the last couple of years, with the starting salary depending on the company and the individual. In a few years the salary can rise to £50,000+ with chances of it increasing past this level with more senior positions with experience.

5) Oil & Energy
Average Starting Salary: £27,000 - £33,000+

The UK is the largest oil and natural gas producer in the European Union, meaning there are a plenty of opportunities to get on track with a career. Careers in this sector cover a range of disciplines, from engineering, hospitality, construction and transportation. Jobs available: None available at this time

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