2015 HR Graduate Schemes Based in London

Graduate in schemes in London can be difficult to look for, especially when you’re not aware of companies who offer HR graduate schemes. This article has a roundup of some of the HR graduate schemes available in London in 2015. We’ll highlight what kinds of duties you have within these roles, as well as what you may learn on the schemes.



KPMG are the UK’s leading provider of audit, tax and advisory services. Each year KPMG look for graduates who encompass the passion they do and who have the ability to inspire others to join the company. Within this graduate programme there will be the opportunity to work for a CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualification with the support of one of KPMG’s experienced and qualified HR colleagues.

This programme usually lasts two years, in which the first year you’ll be trained with a HR colleague, as well as being given the opportunity to be able to be a part of meetings where HR strategies will be discussed. The second year usually involves the start of your professional qualification if your performance excels the expectation of KPMG.

EDF Energy


The largest low-carbon electricity producer in the UK, EDF’s human resources graduate programmes last two years and attracts only the industry’s best, most talented individuals. In this graduate programme, candidates will be expected to take on a number of roles within several business areas as well as the employee service department. Within these roles you’ll face challenges which will allow you to develop a depth of business understanding not many other roles can match.

You’ll be expected to build and maintain networks and relationships with your client group as well as understand and maintain a strong knowledge of HR and HR related issues.



IBM is the world’s leading IT and consulting services company. IBM has a hand in a number of different sectors from business, health, retail, media and entertainment. IBM deal with a number of technologies which are likely to be a large contributing factor to one of these sectors.

The IBM graduate scheme will provide you with tailor-made training to ensure you will be equipped with the right personal, business and technical knowledge which will allow you to excel in the environment which will reward diverse thinking and bold ideas. We live in an age where we constantly surrounded by technology which is growing on a daily basis. It is because of this ever-changing world IBM are looking for adaptable graduates who have the cognitive skills which are transferrable between roles within this fast-paced industry.



Deloitte offer a highly sought after graduate programme which will allow you to develop and learn through a number of training courses which have been designed to equip you with the skills allowing you to engage with your clients upon the first meeting. Examples of projects past graduates have worked on include a 115,000-employee European electrical company, implementing a HR infrastructure which allowed this company to move away from a complex system to a more streamlined and simplified model.

Working alongside the organisation, Deloitte had consolidated a number of HR platforms into a single HR system which removed any need for complex and unnecessary operating costs. Deloitte have been working with highly motivated graduates for a number of years, and continue to do so every year. This graduate programme will allow you to help a number of clients from early stages such as developing ideas, right through to the delivery and implementation of the end result.

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