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18 March 2019 | Grads Corner | Guest Author

If you thought being a student was stressful, wait till you actually graduate. The protective layers of university fall away, and you’re expected to be a grown up… yikes!

It sounds like a nightmare, but it can be much easier if you know how to handle your day-to-day life. Some simple steps are all it takes to beat stress and enjoy things.

From managing your money to making a delicious dinner, there are so many ways you can reduce the constant pressure that never seems to let up.

With that in mind, we’ve done you a favour. Follow our 10-step guide and you’ll be kicking off your graduate existence in style… and with a minimum of stress.


10. Budget

Maybe budgeting is one of those things you meant to get around to at uni, but didn’t. 

Guess what? Now’s the time to start! And it’s less stressy than you’re thinking.

Use a finance app to get an overview of your accounts. Your smartphone is a passport to effective in goings and out goings, maximising your precious pennies.


9. Organisation

With your finances sorted, the rest of your life could probably do with similar treatment. 

Seize the day! Or at least your weekly/monthly schedule by planning time effectively.

There’s loads of great advice out there on how to manage things efficiently and reduce stress. Log on to get some comprehensive takes from those in the know.


8. Work

The main point about studying is to get a hassle-free foothold in the jobs market.

Here’s the thing. Getting a great job takes a lot of effort, particularly these days.

You should be looking into every employment-based opportunity, ideally before you graduate. Be persistent and don’t lose heart. You’ll be doing a lot of plugging away!


7. Diet

Student diets aren’t known for their health benefits so graduation = changing it up. 

We know what you’re thinking. Healthy diets are stressful and expensive.

However that’s a common misconception. By swiping apps such as Fit Men Cook you can get some amazing tips. Free advice on nutrition is also generally available.


6. Exercise

Good food is fuel for your body. And keeping your body going also requires exercise!

Don’t sweat it. If you’re a beginner there are plenty of resources to help you start.

It isn’t all about expensive gym membership, though this can be an affordable option. The main thing is to take things at your own pace and not get overwhelmed.


5. Sleep

If you feel like you’re ploughing through life, then maybe you aren’t sleeping well?

Wake up! Today’s 24-hour culture is demanding but sleep is still majorly important.

There are all kinds of reasons as to why a good night’s rest eludes you, but it needn’t be a puzzle. Check out some pointers that will help your head hit the pillow here.


4. Socialise

Blowing off steam is essential to enjoying graduate life and forgetting your stresses!

Friends will be friends. Heed the classic song title and chill with some chums.

Becoming isolated can easily lead to stress and depression. You need to know there are people who care. If you have no-one to talk to, then check out this link.


3. Travel

Reducing day-to-day costs is key to taking graduate stress down a few notches.

But hold your horses! Getting from A to B is expensive and, worst luck, unavoidable.

The good news is you can cut down on those pricey travel fares. Take the 16-25 Railcard for instance, which gives you a third off journeys. Find out how to get your railcard cheaper here.


2. Positive attitude

Altering your mind-set to beat stress is one of those “easier said than done” things. 

Now we’re not saying it’s a walk in the park (though that can help you de-pressurise!).

There’s no simple path to being positive. It just isn’t for everyone. The main thing is to see what advice is out there, and try and find what works for you.


1. Relaxation

It sounds like the most obvious thing in the world, but relaxation kicks stress’s butt.

Just one thing: Truly switching off and de-stressing is a fine art to be mastered.

Meditation is a tried and tested way of de-cluttering your brain, giving you a more relaxed outlook. Or have you thought about using an app, which helps with this…?

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