FDM's graduate programme offers training and experience in a diverse environment from day one

With over 165 clients, 1,900 employees, and 60 nationalities and cultures working together globally, FDM has launched the IT and business careers of thousands of graduates to date. As a direct result of FDM’s rapid growth, our network of people has grown immensely, creating an inclusive and diverse workforce where ideas can flourish, talent is nurtured and achievements are recognised and rewarded.

Our people are at the heart of our business and we are dedicated to supporting our employees on their career journey from day one and beyond. Our vision, “to create and inspire exciting careers that shape our digital future”, stems from our commitment to ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our values; ambition, collaboration, energy, inclusivity, professionalism and growth, are part of our DNA and they guide our decision making and the way we engage with our colleagues, clients and other key stakeholders.

Through this, we have created a vibrant company culture and stimulating working environment where you are encouraged to exceed your potential.

Often, diversity is widely believed to drive instant business results, however it is not diversity alone that encourages success, it is imperative that companies are also inclusive, in order to foster talent. At FDM, diversity and inclusion isn’t something to simply tick off a checklist, we embrace diversity and inclusion in the broadest possible sense and through these unique differences we are able to perform better, cultivate innovation and deliver beyond expectation. Our key initiatives include women in IT, the FDM community and ex-Forces as we strive to continue fulfilling our vision.

Enforcing a gender-balanced workforce has been an ongoing struggle for the IT industry. The gender gap is probably one of the most talked about issues when it comes to diversity in the tech industry. With 50 per cent of our senior management team and 25 per cent of our general staff being female, as well as signing the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (UNWEP), FDM has been proud to support and encourage women to pursue a career in IT.

Further to supporting a varied workforce, we live up to our position as an equal opportunities employer by employing people from various ethnicities, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, recognising that this is what fosters innovation and success. Yet, diversity can also refer to chosen degree subjects. At FDM we have the advantage of offering in-house technical training, which means that you won’t necessarily need to have an IT degree or background to be considered for our graduate programme. You could be a creative professional with the ambition to pursue a career in tech.

With a constant influx of graduates completing our graduate programme, we have created a solid community, encompassing a diverse pool of knowledge. Our initiatives, ranging from our mentoring scheme to our career community events, are a great opportunity for graduates like you to keep in touch with your network so you can continue to grow your knowledge. 

Zahra Thomas, a former FDM consultant says: “During my time in the academy I met an incredible array of people, both in terms of cultures and backgrounds. In turn, I have made friends with so many people from all over the world. The great thing about FDM is that they are incredibly inclusive in the way that they recruit; FDM does not limit how they find great talent. 

Diversity is widely spoken about and is proven to drive better business performance, but if companies don’t have the culture to foster talent inclusively, the benefits will never be realised. At FDM we are proud to be diverse by being inclusive to all. If working for a company that embraces diversity is as essential for you as it is for us, please get in touch!