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Echo Education - FREE TEFL COURSE

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FREE TEFL COURSE - Explore, Travel, Teach in China with Echo Education

Have you thought of travelling the world after you graduate? 43% of all graduates deem travel and experience essential to their personal and professional development and 75% of employers recognise that graduates who have extensive travel and cultural experience are stronger applicants when applying for positions.

Most of us want to travel and see the world… but it costs money! The easiest way to travel AND earn a respectable salary is an ESL teacher. English teacher abroad.

Echo Education are one of the largest education companies in China. We are a Chinese owned company and directly hire British graduates for our public schools in China. We’re not a referral agency but the direct employer who handle all work permits, transition and day to day welfare of more than 200 teachers in China. In March 2018 and September 2018 Echo Education are hiring a further 350 British graduates for teaching positions in China.

"But i’ve never thought of teaching and my degree is in media..”???

Well the great news is that we hire graduates from ANY degree discipline with any result from any British university. For 2018 and 2019 we're also offering a FREE TEFL scholarship programme worth £500. In order to teach English in another country, graduates must complete this short training course which usually takes one month. Many graduates are put off by the initial cost.. but here at Echo Education we invest heavily in our teachers, sponsoring a 100% FREE TEFL course for our applicants. This is a fully accredited certificate which can be used for the rest of your life. It’s an amazing opportunity

“OK… tell me more…”???

350 successful applicants will transition to China in February 2018 and August 2018 and undergo further training and orientation. We offer full visa service in obtaining work permits and document notarisation. Our positions come with FREE ACCOMMODATION, FREE MEALS and FREE utility expenses. We also reimburse the cost of your flights and you’ll have the opportunity to learn mandarin with us. We also offer an array of other bonuses and supplements such as extended holidays allowing for backpacking and travel.

“So where exactly will i be teaching…”???

In May 2017 the Chinese government unveiled ambitious plans to put a British graduate in every Chinese public school on the east coast of China in order to help future generations of Chinese improve their English fluency. As you may know, China has opened up to global markets in recent years relying on the English language to facilitate their global connections. The Chinese provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu contain the mega cities of Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo and Nanjing. It’s within these 4 areas where the government particularly want to develop English programmes in Public schools. These cities are fully developed with the latest technologies embedded in their infrastructure and populations larger than London. They are now international cities that have a global reach, focusing particularly on e-commerce and trade. The vast majority of our schools are based in these cities and we welcome applicants to review our city guides for more insight

“But i can’t speak Chinese..”???

Don’t worry! All your lessons will be taught in English and sometimes we have a local Chinese teacher to assist you if the children are very young. You will need to learn some Chinese for your day to day life.. we give you access to online resources and can help you arrange further tuition. Many teachers progress to achieve remarkable skills in speaking Chinese with some passing with HSK3 within one year. Really how much effort you put into learning Chinese is up to you.

“Do i have to teach children..”???

The majority of our positions are for Chinese public schools which include kindergarten, primary, middle and high schools. Ages of children will range from 4 years old to 18 years old. However we also have teaching positions available at universities and within business English schools for mature clients. We assess in training and interviewing which age group we feel the applicant is suited to

“So… let’s talk money…”???

Remember we are not an internship, placement scheme or volunteering post. We offer fully bonafide jobs on water-tight work permits. Remember you receive FREE high end accommodation with FREE meals and in many cases your electricity, WIFI, water and gas will also be paid. Flights will be reimbursed alongside the cost of notarising your degree. Your monthly salary will be between £1200 and £1500 (exchange rate depending). Remember the cost of living is dramatically lower in China so teachers are left with a significant disposable income every month. Most teachers will save a significant amount of money and use it to facilitate travel around Asia in the holidays.

“Great… so how long are contracts…”???

We offer graduates a choice of either a 9 month or 22 month contract starting in September 2018. The 22 month contract offers a salary increase in the second year with additional holiday payments and contract completion bonus. We also have limited opportunities for March 2018 for applicants who have already graduated

We are now welcoming applications via our website Speak with one of our online advisors or email your CV directly to

Echo Education are a professional company helping to create a better education for kids in China through excellent English teachers from all over the world.

At the same time it's helping the excellent English teachers to find legal English teaching jobs with multiple locations and school choices.

Echo Education was founded in 2007 in Hangzhou, China. Now the company has more than 100 employees and 5 campuses with more than 2000 students and it is certified by the Chinese government to provide English training to kids and to hire foreign teachers to work legally all over amazing and fast developing cities of China.

As one of the top three companies authorized by the Chinese government SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affair P.R.China ) so far it has successfully hired and placed hundreds of foreign teachers to teach oral English and other subjects in hundreds of cities in China. The choice of workplace can range from kindergartens, public primary schools, and public high schools, training schools to colleges or universities.

Echo Education, your reliable partner to create a better future for the world and kids!

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