This industry is centred around the movement of goods – something the chuckle brothers never managed to articulate well! If a company wants to transfer fuel, clothes, clay or any other product you can think of it needs the help of the logistics, transport, purchase and supply departments.

This is a diverse and ever evolving industry, which makes a major contribution to both the UK’s and global economies.

What kind of work can I do?

Work in this industry differs between departments but good organisational and management skills are the key to success.

Logistics and Supply

Logistics and Supply work very closely together and can often be combined into one position. Working in this area involves dealing with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and customers to ensure that goods are delivered, on time, to the right people, in the right condition.

This requires a great deal of planning and organising you will need to be able to solve any problems that arise which may involve environmental or financial matters. It will also be necessary to be aware of all health and safety issues.


The transportation industry also deals with the movement of goods although this time the ‘goods’ are usually people! This sector can be split into two main roles: planning and management.

If you choose to specialise in planning your work will focus on the growth of the travel networks, be it road, rail, skies or sea. You will be asked to come up with ideas that will enhance the travel network. This is often illustrated using IT models to show possible outcomes of new schemes.

Often the role will require lots of lateral thinking to see what external problems may affect proposals.

In management roles you will usually focus on how the passenger is affected by the travel network. This could involve enhancing passenger services – for better wheel chair access or child friendly travelling, ensuring health and safety requirements are adhered to and dealing with customer enquiries and complaints. You will also be expected to be on hand should a problem arrive like dangerous weather conditions or faulty vehicles.


Purchase is at the heart of all major companies. This involves buying goods cheaply whilst ensuring that quality standards are still met. To do this you need to be confident, persuasive and a good haggler! Another crucial part of the job is market research to identify market trends and forecast the next big ‘must have’ item. This will enable you to make the best possible profits for your company.

What are employers looking for? 

Work in this industry is varied and employers will be looking for graduates from a variety of backgrounds, although for some roles a specific degree such as engineering may be required. 

It is however fundamental to employers that you have tip-top organisational skills as you will need to ensure that the right people and produce are in the right place at the right time. Good communication, managerial and people skills will also stand you in good stead.

Is this the right career for me?

If you’re the organiser of your group and love taking charge when it comes to planning events then a career in logistics could be right up your street.

You will need the ability to juggle lots of tasks and keep calm under pressure, as well as having a logical brain to solve any problems that may occur.

Recruiters in this sector:


​​Every day in the UK over 16,400, Abellio people provide safe, easy and reliable public transport for more than a million passengers on our services.


Amazon is made up of builders and innovators, all of whom bring diverse backgrounds, brilliant ideas and varying points of view with them. Our rich tapestry of team members, from all around the world, means that we’re looking for great minds just like yours.

Avara Foods

Avara Foods is one of the UK’s leading food businesses supplying great tasting chicken, turkey and duck products to some of the biggest supermarkets and restaurants in the country.

Closerstill Media

CloserStill Media is one of the world’s fastest growing exhibition businesses, running best of class events in the technology and healthcare sectors.

DHL Supply Chain

DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry and "The Logistics Company for the world".


Dunbia is one of Europe’s leading food companies. Founded in 1976, Dunbia is a family business with down to earth values and the desire to create better food naturally is the driving force behind everything they do.


Experian is the world's leading information services company and we operate the UK's largest credit reference agency.


GLG is the world’s leading platform for on-demand professional learning.

Go Abroad China

Go Abroad China is an established and leading provider of paid internships in China and Chinese language programme in China.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Founded in 1871, Hellmann started with one man, Karl Heinrich Hellmann, using a horse-drawn cart to deliver parcels in and around the town of Osnabrueck, northern Germany.


KBR provide consulting, technology, engineering, and construction solutions for a wide range of markets, from aerospace and defence to energy and chemicals to intelligence and beyond.


We are a strong global supply chain solutions provider. Our operations in Europe are powered by a team of more than 2000 team members in 26 countries, but ask our people and they’ll tell you it’s like being part of one big blue-blooded family; our DNA is carved out of passion and teamwork.

Metro Shipping

We are a leading British Logistics Provider with Headquarters in Birmingham. Established in 1980, we have an excellent reputation and are continuing to expand within the UK and worldwide markets.

MHI Vestas

Established in April 2014, we are a joint venture between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Vestas). Our parent companies are two of the global leaders in wind and energy, inspiring and leading us forward.

Royal Air Force

Whether in the skies above Britain, or in airspaces around the world, it's our job to protect the United Kingdom against any form of threat.

Royal Mail

Each of our graduate programmes is carefully structured to prepare you for a challenging but rewarding career at Royal Mail.

Speedy Services

Speedy is the UK's leading tool and equipment hire services company. Our hire fleet is the most comprehensive in the industry.