Studying architecture can take a long time – around 5 to 7 years – but for the successful, it can be very profitable.

Career prospects

After studying for several years, employment is still not guaranteed but the potential to design and create your own buildings, work spaces, etc. is exciting – and profitable.

  • Architectural Technician
  • Landscape Architect
  • Space Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Interior Design

What are employers looking for?

A high level of proficiency in design is desired and you will need to have invested several years of studying. Work experience is invaluable, so if you’re still studying, gain some work experience during your holidays or part-time during term. Those with a knowledge of CADD technology will also be at an advantage over their competitors.

Is it the right career for you?

As an Architect you need to be not only creative but logical and precise. Working in architecture also gives you a range of transferable skills, meaning a career in Architecture isn’t your only option. Architects need to be articulate, forward thinking, problem-solvers. You will need to be a good communicator as you’ll be working with a team and will need to be precise with measurements and your ideas.


  • Part 1 / First Year Out Students £17-20,000 
  • Part 2 Assistants / Recent Post Diploma  £23-27,000
  • Part 2/ 1-2 Yrs Post Diploma £27-31,000
  • Part 3 / Newly Registered Architect £30-34,000
  • Project Architect / 3-5 yrs post-reg £34-42,000

Recruiters in this sector: