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7 essential CV hacks!

7 essential CV hacks!

As a graduating student, one thing you should know is that employers are looking beyond your expensive education, putting an emphasis on candidates with the right skill set. 

As the competition reaches an all-time high, It has become more evident that  skills such as flexibility are still desirable, as they communicate your personal branding and real attributes. Some talents you’ve encountered at university may not come in handy but take note that honesty is one of the secrets of a powerful resume.

Here are the skills that you need to highlight in order to make your resume stand out:

1) Time Management

Time management is very valuable in the workplace. Most human resource officers are looking for candidates who are able to juggle multiple projects and meet daily deadlines with minimum supervision. On your resume, you need to demonstrate that you are conscious of time limitations. For a competitive edge, you can indicate a list of relevant activities where your time management ability is exemplified.

2) Commercial Awareness

Commercial awareness is the ability to stay on top of trends, knowing how a business works and what makes them adaptable to the consumers. Today, this expertise is prized by most recruiters, especially in the world of law and engineering. Most eligible graduates are now able to understand the major players in their chosen industry, including their cyclical patterns, economic condition and financial gains. You must also be knowledgeable of the past, which will help you in predicting the future trends. 

3) Social Media

The Social Times noted that employers are now favoring candidates with great proficiency on a specific social media platform. The same article revealed that the demand for Twitter-adept candidates has gone up to 44 per cent, while Instagram expertise increased to 64 per cent. On your resume, you must be able to demonstrate the difference between professional and personal use of social media, and how you plan to execute it to match your position requirements.

4) Problem Solving and Leadership

If you are venturing into entrepreneurship, you must know that this industry is complex and works at a fast pace. Being resourceful is the key. When problems arise, you must be able to identify the origin and devise concrete solutions to come up with a favorable business decision. A strong set of leadership abilities is imperative in resolving issues.

5) Creativity in Writing

The writing abilities you’ve mastered will be put to good use, as this skill is highly important in any industry. Online Degree Programs said that the importance of this expertise can’t be ignored, as you need it to craft emails, audit reports and press releases. A good way to showcase this ability is through your resume itself. Apart from an error-free CV, make your bio creative through presentation.

6) Interpersonal Skills

Being smart is not enough, as you also need to be able to find the right voice to communicate your creative ideas!

If you’re a member of the debate team, then you’ll find the right platform to use this proficiency. Being a good conversationalist requires more than just eloquence; with proper conviction, find the right words to articulate your thoughts, backed with facts and pieces of evidence to support your claims.

7) Software Expertise

Since today’s workplace is driven by technology, more job opportunities will require technical skills. While you learned some of the software basics in secondary school, higher education is a place where you actually utilize and study these tools. On your resume, you need to dedicate a specific section for technical abilities that highlights the software programs you’re familiar with. 

Fine Arts graduate Lucy Price who has her eye set on a career as an Art Curator, is working to improve additional skills such as marketing and writing press releases. If you have suggestions, or just want to say hello, feel free to drop by Lucy’s Twitter account @lucyyyprice - she also keeps up with the latest in digital technology and is currently blogging for

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