Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships

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Remote internships are available with companies of varying size, sector and industry so that you can gain valuable experience with companies tailored to your choice and so boost your CV.

There are fantastic opportunities for you to do an internship with international or domestic companies, without having to worry about the travel and living costs. You can impress future employers with internships from a different city or country, as your experience will be more diverse.

Intern full-time or part time around your existing schedule (e.g. studies or other work commitment). Opportunities exist year-round.

All you need is a computer or device to work on, and a stable WiFi connection. The internship can be carried out from your home, your local coffee shop or campus, or anywhere else that you decide. You could even be on a beach! You will be part of the team, in regular contact with a supervisor, and carry out similar projects or tasks to those you would if you were on-site. You will gain valuable experience and learn sought after skills.

Training is provided before and during the internship so that you gain the necessary skills needed to be effective from the get-go, and maintain continuous improvements to your skill set throughout the course of the internship. You will get the direction you need and be given all the necessary tools to perform to a high standard and improve your own development.

At the end of the internship you receive a reference from us and the host company, that can be used to greatly improve your employability. You will also receive a report that can be used in your future job search to wow employers.


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