Virgin Media

Virgin Media

Company Profile

We’re the first provider of all four: broadband (up to 120Mb), TV (including the revolutionary TiVo), phone and mobile phone.

Our cable network – the result of a multi-billion pound private investment – delivers ultrafast broadband connections to over half of all UK homes, with speeds of up to 100Mb, and recently announced plans to upgrade the entire network to roll-out top speeds of 120Mb.

We’ve developed the most advanced interactive television service, bringing together broadcast TV, thousands of hours of on demand programming and the best of the web in a single set-top box powered by TiVo. We were the first to offer HD TV and 3D on demand to millions of UK households. We also operate the most popular virtual mobile network in the UK which, when launched, was the world’s first such mobile phone service. We’re also one of the largest fixed-line home phone providers in the country.

Our Values…

Being Virgin Media means we don't just want to be proud of what we do, we also want to love how we do it. That's why we all share a set of values to help guide us.

We're all different so our values inspire each of us in unique ways. That's fine. As we think about what they mean to us personally then each of us can carry these values in our hearts and bring them alive to make amazing things happen in everything that we do. Here they are.

Insatiable Curiosity

We're always restless, always curious. We want to know what makes people tick and constantly ask 'what if?' and 'why the hell not?'

Heartfelt Service

We give heartfelt service. Our people are warm, honest and authentic. Everything we do says 'we give a damn'.

Delightfully Surprising

We like to surprise and make people smile. We want to defy expectations, coming up with fresh ways of doing things and delivering those memorable little touches.

Red Hot

We create red hot brand experiences. Irresistible products and sensational services sealed with great value and fabulous quality.

Smart Disruption

We love to outsmart the competition. Challenging the status quo we side-step predictable thinking to punch above our weight.

Straight Up

We play it straight. Honest and decent, we want to do the right thing for the customer and believe that what is good for profit can be good for people and the world we live in.

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