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uLeague is a career service platform that offers professional pathways in Digital Marketing, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Trading, and Banking & Finance, which are accompanied by a suite of tech-enabled tools for professional development.

We pick the courses for the user based on their professional goals, we then tailor the learning pathway to suit each person’s level of experience and skill. Within each of our courses, we place cognitive and evaluation techniques to help users derive value from each course. Some of these techniques and frameworks include:

  • scaffolding (embedded tools to support independent learning);
  • spaced learning (timed lectures);
  • memory retrieval (blog posts and notes).

The platform uses chat facilities and forums to make sure learners are able to collaborate and support each other through their journeys. We also employ gamification features like skill-badges, rankings and reward points to energize our users and reward them as they progress.

Our learners will then be able to prepare and evaluate themselves professionally using our suite of tools:

  • CV building; and
  • uCompare (our professional evaluation and ranking feature), together with interview/soft skill prep, hints & tips. 

uLeague exists to help people gain the necessary & critical skill sets to land the job you want. If you are looking to land your first job, change roles internally at your existing company or apply to a completely new company, we are here to help and get you across the finish line by giving you the content & profession tools at your disposal to excel academically and more importantly professionally.

We help increase people's probability of getting the job they want by 30%


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