The UK Domain

The UK Domain

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Take control. Sell yourself the right way.

How can you stand out head and shoulders above the rest? Take control of what potential employers see and read about you on the internet. 

Control your personal brand 

Having your own .uk domain will put you in control and take you a step closer to creating your personalised brand online. 

Whether you are looking to set up a business website, make an online portfolio for future employers or simply share your story on a blog, having your own personalised .uk domain and email address will help you get noticed and succeed.

Also, it’s quite common these days for potential employers, fellow students and friends to check you out on Google. Having your own domain means you can choose what they see first.

Why choose .uk domain?

64% of HR decision makers think a personal website rather than a paper CV will be the way they differentiate between candidates within the next five years. Find out why students are spending more time than ever kick-starting their career online in our recent infographic.

Be memorable for the right reasons

About The UK Domain

The UK Domain is run and managed by Nominet, the UK's largest domain registry. We inspire and provide advice and guides for small businesses and individuals to help them get online with a professional website and email address. Today over 3 million UK businesses and millions more consumers use a domain name ending in .UK and rely on our registry services. 

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