RAF Engineering

RAF Engineering

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The RAF polices the skies, protecting the UK from threats at home while peacekeeping abroad. Our roles offer skills for life, and a chance to play a part in operations around the world - from providing humanitarian aid to preventing a civil war. From Aerosystems to Communications to Electronic Engineer Officers, there are unrivalled opportunities for engineers in the RAF; technical knowledge goes far beyond anything you would learn in a civilian role and will continue to grow throughout your career.

Around 40% of the 32,000 personnel strong RAF is made up of those within engineering and technical specialists, all working to ensure this modern day Service is ready to operate at home or overseas as required.  An engineering officer, therefore, has a vital role in ensuring the safe work practices, strong management and clear leadership of a crucial workforce with a clear impact and direction upon the UK’s ability to project airpower anywhere in the world at short notice.

As well as exceptional career opportunities, you will also benefit from a competitive starting salary, six weeks of paid holiday a year, subsidised food and accommodation, free medical and dental care and free access to a gym and sports facilities.


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