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Picked is an online platform that uses powerful AI technology to match graduates with the best career opportunities in the UK.

We value the talent we work with so we only partner with the most reputable companies; the ones who are as serious about graduate development as us. This is where we’ve flipped the recruitment process on it’s head; with Picked employers apply to graduates, not the other way around.

Our recruitment partners agree, when you’re just starting out finding a job can be a real headache. CVs are a chore and cover letters are boring, so we’ve ditched them. Nowadays recruitment is as much about finding the right personality for a team as it as about matching the right skills for a job and we think it should be up to employers to find it for themselves (with the help of our matching technology working behind the scenes).

They can search, chat to and interview grads directly on the platform. It’s easy, it’s quick and, above all, it gets the job done - pun definitely intended.

As one of our Picked grads you can create a profile in minutes, tell us what YOU want in your next role and what YOU think your best qualities are. If an employer likes the way you express yourself, they’ll get in touch. It’s that simple. Once your profile is set up you won’t have to lift a finger until you’re contacted about a role that you’re interested in.

As one of our employment partners you can create job filters and our bots will identify the graduates most likely to be well suited and interested in your role. You can manage, organise and process your graduate recruitment in one place.

We’re a tech start-up who are genuinely trying to change the way recruitment works. We’ve grown a lot since we launched in 2016. We’ve hired a new team using our platform and we’ve been working very closely with our recruitment partners and graduate users to create the best possible experience.


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