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We founded Kubrick to offer organisations another way to solve their data challenges. We do this by employing the best junior professionals and preparing them in our data labs to become the next generation of data specialists.

We knew from day one at Kubrick, the way in which we developed our people had to set us apart. So we invested in developing the best training in the industry, devised by industry experts, that is only available to members of our team.

Our unique development programme initially in our data labs followed by working on client projects, enables you to accelerate into a lucrative career as a Data Engineer, Data Analyst or Data Governance Analyst.

Why join Kubrick? 

People from wide-ranging coding and non-coding backgrounds join Kubrick Group to accelerate their careers in the lucrative world of data. We have a proven model that ensures you will be working on exciting data projects after 16 weeks of training in our data lab and using your newly acquired skills, you will grow swiftly in your career. Our award-winning consulting services have been embraced by over 60 organisations and we are at the forefront of data practices and technology.

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Why join the data management movement? 

As data usage soars in growth and popularity and the amount of data we produce increases exponentially, organisations are realising the true impact, value and risk of their data. This realisation has resulted in the emergence of a new, highly important role; that of the Data Management Consultant.


We understand the great demand for Data Management Consultants because we have witnessed the demand companies face to ensure consistent quality, integrity and usability of their data whilst satisfying the demands of greater scrutiny and ever-important data regulations. We know that having a sound data plan and data governance strategy is not only important but urgent. Therefore, we decided to be right at the forefront of what we call the ‘data governance movement’ and we want you to be right there with us!

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