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futureproof is a technology and training services company, developing and deploying high-quality junior talent into your engineering teams.

At futureproof, we’re people-first and passionate about diversity. That’s why our training is completely free for the students, in order to attract people with ability, rather than the ability to pay. We only work with the top 1% of applicants, training them in full stack web development and how to work in industry.

On completion of training, we place our technology professionals into businesses as consultants on two-year contracts, with the option to hire them permanently afterwards. Our model provides a low-risk, cost effective way to build a high-quality and diverse team.

Our 13 years’ experience in helping businesses build their technology teams means we have invaluable insight into what makes a successful associate. Our rigorous assessment process looks for attitude as well as aptitude.

Job openings

Free 13-week coding course and 2-year commercial placement with futureproof

futureproof offer a free software engineering course followed by a paid 2-year commercial placement aiming to make careers in technology as accessible as possible.

Apply by 30/06/2021


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