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Bentley’s journey began over 95 years ago. As part of the Bentley graduate scheme you could weave your own story into ours, following in the footsteps of the many extraordinary people who have made Bentley the marque it is today. Bentley is a luxury brand unlike any other. We set out with an ambition to build extraordinary cars to inspire our customers. Capturing the essence of luxury and power is a rare skill, yet we continue to do this, driven by a team of people with a passion and dedication to keep Bentley at the pinnacle of the automotive industry.

If you decide to come to work with us, there are many different career paths and challenges to choose from on our automotive graduate programme. In terms of overall experience, and the work-related and personal skills you will develop every day, we believe Bentley is unlike any other graduate scheme.

We’re looking for people who can help us build and change our business and the broader automotive industry with passion and fresh thinking. That can mean change in many different ways, in many different areas - from engineering to marketing, from designing customer experiences to hosting customer events. The common thread in all this is the search for “the extraordinary”. Automotive entry level jobs with Bentley aren’t just about driving the company forward. We’re also interested in helping you develop throughout your career at Bentley, where you’ll find the space to grow in exciting roles that will push you out of your comfort zone.

Our two-year development programme will give you a great depth of experience across different jobs and departments. Every day will bring something new,. You’ll be responsible for your own projects, as well as working on team projects with other graduates. You’ll be involved in workshops, team projects and community CSR projects, and backed up with sound support from everyone around you. Your mentor will help you build a personalised development plan with all the courses and tools you need to become your best. This will include workshops on both personal and business skills – better decision making, how to influence outcomes and longer term career development. And as part of Volkswagen Group, You could be amongst the graduates who have the opportunity to take up an international placement in the Group during the programme.

The two-year Bentley Graduate Development Programme starts in October each year. It’s open to students who have achieved a Bachelors or Post Graduate degree. If this sounds like the kind of challenge you’re looking for, please apply.


Working at Bentley

Bentley is a unique place to work, with its own special culture and people who are all driven by the same ideal: being the most successful luxury car brand in the world. Simple to say, challenging to achieve. But it is this idea that motivates everyone working at Bentley every day; it’s what makes us challenge ourselves to be the best we can. And we know, the only way we’ll achieve our goal is by finding the best people and encouraging them to be their best - to be extraordinary.

Based in Crewe, we believe in ensuring our organisational, product and brand goals are closely aligned. There’s a close-knit feel that belies the global nature of our business. It means that people who commit to a Bentley UK career feel that they can make a real difference on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, our scale also lets us think big as a company. By working closely together across every part of the business, we achieve our objectives.

At the heart of Bentley lies a vibrant community that lives and breathes luxury motor cars. Many of our colleagues have worked here for many years - up to three generations of families have learnt and passed on their expertise.

We know that everyone and every role is an important factor in our ongoing success. Much of this is down to having the right people in place at the right time. We’re always seeking extraordinary people to expand our skills and team across a wide range of jobs. Bentley is also a big believer in helping people to grow and develop with award-winning training and rewards packages that make working at Bentley more than just a job.

As a result, Bentley is recognised as one of the UK’s top employers by the Top Employers Institute. It’s important because it reflects our dedication to excellence in personal development, working environment and colleague culture and engagement.

We are dedicated to diversity. Our all-embracing approach has seen us build our presence in schools, as well as working with professional bodies to encourage more women into the automotive industry. It has led us to set a target to significantly increase the number of women in senior positions at Bentley by 2030.

Exciting times lie ahead for the automotive industry and the luxury brand sector. Technology moves faster every day and we’re excited and challenged by better hybrid and electric car technology and connected cars. Our focus is on developing these and other innovations, meeting the digital revolution head on to ensure Bentley is the first word on people’s lips when they think of an aspirational luxury car brand.


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