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Not all big accountancy firms are the same. At BDO we’re building a strikingly different business, focused on exceptional client service. We employ exceptional people – and help them get on with the job, without needless bureaucracy. Our systems work to support our people, not the other way around.

We’re looking for graduates who don’t fit the conventional accountancy mould. Talented people with the imagination and initiative to make a real difference – to be the difference that matters so much to our clients. We don’t want clones. Our people are as diverse as our clients. We want individuals who can think for themselves, appreciate and respect people whoever they are, build relationships and take personal responsibility for results. 

Do you think accountancy sounds like a colourful career? If not, then maybe you should think again.

The fact is, when your job involves giving business advice, it’s definitely not for anyone in search of a dull daily grind. Here at BDO, we want to open your eyes to how varied and challenging our work really is.

It’s obvious, really. Businesses come in endless varieties – as do the people who run them – and often require many different services from the wide palette that we offer. So the only predictable thing about each day is that it won’t be the same as yesterday. Such variety in our work means we also need diversity in our people.

Our success draws upon a vast spectrum of individual qualities and talents, and on the vivid personalities who shape our teams and who can build relationships with our clients. So if you just can’t see yourself as a typical accountant… then you might be just the person we’re looking for. Come and show us your true colours.


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