Animal Technician Development Programme

Animal Technician Development Programme

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The Animal Technician Development Programme (ATDP) links employers with college leavers and university graduates with 1 key focus 'to train and place animal lovers into a career as an animal technician'. Partner employers include academic institutions such as Universities, charities and some of the world’s leading research organisations. In total, the ATDP has 18 partner employers covering Kent, London, Surrey, Essex, Hampshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Wales, and Scotland. We will always match your application to a local ATDP programme with work at a local employer’s animal facility.

The ATDP programme has been created by employers specifically as an employability programme combining training, work experience, and paid internships with the sole aim of providing suitable, enthusiastic and developed new Animal Technicians to employers nationwide.

By joining the ATDP, you will have access to;

  • Ring-fenced vacancies – no interviewing, No lengthy applications and No fighting for a job against hundreds of other applicants! You will have a team of people who are targeted on getting you ‘that job’ and you will get first dibs on all of them!
  • A structured development programme – from day one of your enrolment you will have clear and achievable goals and be eligible for a 12 week paid internship to complete your training on the job (after completing 2 weeks work experience)
  • Fast-tracked career opportunities - upon accreditation, you will have access to ATDP partner employers vacancies. These roles are ring-fenced and only made available to accredited ATDP Learners
  • 24/7 support – our in house team of highly knowledgeable Trainers provide support 24/7 ensuring you have the best experience and training. Having worked as Animal Technicians ourselves we will give you all the training and skills you require to pass each stage of the programme so that you can truly shine in your role. Just drop us a text or call our 24-hour telephone help line. (This is an all year round helpline so yes, it does even include bank holidays)
  • Continued and ongoing training (CPD) – training provided to you that is specifically focused on the important and rewarding role of an Animal Technician
  • Work with the most prestigious and interesting organisations in the UK – the role of an animal technician is like no other career working with animals. You can look forward to working within a large team of like-minded professionals in well-funded, clean and state of the art animal facilities
  • Passionate and sociable teams - work with a team of fellow animal technologists every day that just like you share a passion for animals. You will be joining an elite workforce of super intelligent, animal loving (animal mad!) individuals that get to do what they love – to work with animals whilst getting paid
  • We build a portfolio for you. Whilst on your ATDP journey, you will also build and develop a portfolio that contains employer testimonials based on your performance (which speak volumes compared to a standard CV.) The ATDP programme allows you to show case your ability so if you also struggle in interviews, please do not worry, we are here to help 'by pass' this process with the portfolio being designed to replace the grizzly process! 

*Note: as of April 2019 the ATDP programme has achieved a 96% 'Into Work' rate upon successful completion/accreditation of the programme.


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